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SCO Director`s Cut

Published on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 By Lone_Utwig In Star Control

Guys, I think it makes sense to spend some time discussing a possible patch/expansion to SCO that I would call a Director`s Cut (DC).

I think that it might even be sold rather than a free expansion|patch.  So here are some ideas from me:

1) Make exploration more interesting. I have visited EVERY star and planet (save for Gas Giants) that are currently available in SCO. It is a bit boring to get the same modules every time after exploration of Ruins, Wrecks etc. So the idea is to add a bunch of, say, fuel tanks (and/or other modules) that all differ, you add different names to them and make sure that they can contain different amount of fuel, change color and/or pics that represent them. You can follow the same procedure for other modules (engines, scanners etc.). It will make exploration more interesting and shall be easy to implement.

2) Add more lines (even w/o voiceovers) that expand the lore. Old databanks, derelict ships` computers etc. with more info than 3-4 lines on species, events etc.

3) Go through all dialogs/descriptions/lines to make all more consistent. Add/remove things so that all dialogs/descriptions better reflect the current lore. Again, voiceovers are NOT a must.

4) It would be good to have some quests that involve one way or another all main species after your victory over Xraki (and i am not talking about Lexites quest line). A star where Xraki are trapped... so that you can still interact with them in some form or see line 6 below.

5) Add an ability to sell individual items in a group (like weapons etc.) rather than all of them. E.g. -1 forward cannon.

6) If possible add an ability to add @pocket@ universes. Age of Wonders Shadow Magic type of above and blow layers or HOMM3 underground level or Quasi space in SC2 (where you can actually have a system). So that we could make @pocket@ universe. Great for modding and various ideas. 

7) Can we get a short story behind some of the artifacts that you find? Like talking to some alien and they say, oh, I see that you have an @orb@. Do you know that this @orb@ blah-blah. Just as an idea.

8) new game+ mode. Here you start your game from scratch - however your credits balance is the same like in your last save game, you have same equipment installed (save for quest items that get removed, like Pinthi spray or however that thing is called) and your cargohold is empty but you might retain the ships from the fleet. This will allow one to start the game from scratch in order to enjoy all the latest additions, get more immersed into the lore etc. w/o sorta grinding that you have to do in every game in the beginning. + Some more easter eggs just for the game+ mode can be added.

I am a lifetime founder. My main platform is Steam.  But i additionally bought the game on GOG. I bought the game, expansion, soundtrack etc. again when TFB trying to remove it from sale. So I am sure that other people are still ready to support SCO and even pay a bit (if required) to get the Director`s Cut.

What are your thoughts on all that?