Star Control

Star Control Origins v1.4 (Released 6/20)

Published on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 By shaw In Star Control

Captain, welcome back!

Behind the scenes, we've been working a new update that substantially improves the planet visuals.  Along the way, we've squashed a few aliens, I mean bugs along the way.

To enable the opt-in, please do the following:

  • Select "Star Control: Origins" in your Steam Library list
  • Right-click and select Properties
  • Select the BETAS tab

From the dropdown, select opt-in and click "Close." If you don't see this option, restart Steam.

Please read below for some of the upcoming changes:

Change Log


  • The "Observers"  are now known as the "Arilou."


  • Updated planet surface textures to be more detailed.
  • A small improvement of the terrain rendering system to improve the frame rate.
  • Improved lighting of the planet surface
  • Improved the textures on many props (glowing tentacles, glowing mushrooms, bones )
  • Make the Bull critter appearance a bit brighter
  • Improved the lander texture to make the windows stand out better
  • Updated the magma hazard visual effect to improve performance


  • Listener orientation is no longer backward in a true 5.1 setup
  • Fix for some particles not being correctly aligned to the surface
  • Fix for a particle sorting and disappearing issue
  • Fixed several crashes related to the particle effects trying to escape the bounds of known reality.