Star Control

Some bugs and ideas

Published on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 By Lone_Utwig In Star Control

Ok, I have just finished SCO Earth Rising Part 4.

1. Xi Bootis - weapons shop - if you pay to Menkmack for not selling the weapons and contact him later and ask "2. About those weapons", he still talks as if you had had a space fight with him.

2. Giving the empathy machine to the Measured still leaves dialog options for Mowlings to choose who will leave the plant and who will not, etc.

3. We can now buy various audio logs, please, make sure that we can not only listen to them BUT ALSO READ them (in the Codex or in some other place).

4. I cannot buy some logs even though I have money and required minerals, please, check if the description and the requirements actually match.

5. Please, check dialog with the Xraki assassin - @What were you looking for in the room Magara was staying in@ - the dot is missing in the answer.

6. I also suggest that some audio logs (or even text logs) can be found at various places rather than at the same star-bases/stations.

7. It would be nice to have a new game + where you retain all you current funds, ship weapons and equipment, fleet,  but start a new game so that you can replay the game again.

8. Please, port the game to Playstation, even if it is going to be PS5 only.

I have a general feeling that ER Part 4 was somewhat neglected and had a bit lower QC level in some aspects.

But overall - thank you for the game and the expansion. Can you ask TfB if they can contribute some mods for the game if they have free time . They might be on self-quarantine and have some free time .

In my opinion, at least one more expansion that would just expand the lore (more logs (even if there is no audio) and assets (stations, derelicts, ruins) and gives us "game +" (so that we can enjoy all that has been missed|additionally introduced) is a must.