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[SOLVED] Display/ Control issues on Xraki Behemoth fight Endgame

Published on Sunday, April 19, 2020 By dca5709771 In Star Control


Issue Resolved.  I changed the settings:

Texture and Shade Detail: Good

Shadow Detail: Good

I restarted the game and Bob is now uncle to all.  It was a texture issue. Thanks to SchismNavigator for the support and patience!


Hi, I'm playing though Star Control Origins and when I get to the part with the huge Xraki Behemoth boss fight, none of my fleet ships work correctly.  I can only see a green circle and the ship jets.  In addition, the controls seem broken, but that might be a function of not being able to see the ship (EDIT, it was indeed a function of not being able to see the ship).

What do I need to change to resolve this issue, please?

I have uploaded three screen caps and one save game file to a shared Dropbox folder.