Star Control

Star Control: Origins v1.5 opt-in.

Published on Saturday, September 25, 2021 By Boondoggler In Star Control

I didn't see code either for opt-in but a day or two later it showed it being downloaded. 

Biggest problems right now is that I'm having problems with game play.  Game keep crashing when on volcano style planet, in fact the saving MuKey base from Drenken and getting the degenerative matter.  Every time ship is hit the game crashes.   Sorry for any spelling errors.

Also nothing problem as popped up.  Traveling speed.  There seems to be time lag (again sorry if term not correct) going from system to system and the v1.5 opt-in, the ship seems to actually travel slower than before and pulsates.  It just screwy.  

I'm not seasoned computer game player, my first computer was the VIC-20 and Commodore-64, so I play on beginner level and muddle through the best I can while enjoying the game.

I would also like to address the planet explorer ship.  Maybe I'm doing this all wrong (Use mouse and key board controls) but I'm finding that trying to direct the ships direction while shooting.  At present I use the Arrow Keys for directions, the mouse for shooting, the space bar for jumping, but I can also use the Control Key for shooting too.  At times I have to angle the keyboard to get to the arrow keys while shooting if that makes sense to anyone.  Maybe a good upgrade would be automatic targeting system or at least cross hair sights.

Just throwing my 2 cent in for what it is worth.