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EdgeRunner to Drive Down IT Costs with Innovative Business Model and Disruptive Software

Article posted on 4/28/2014

PLYMOUTH, MI – April 29, 2014 – EdgeRunner announced today the launch of its online store at and revealed an innovative business model that cuts through the complexity of finding and deploying productivity software for business needs.

To mark the occasion, today EdgeRunner also released Multiplicity v3, demonstrating the disruptive class of software it will bring to market. Multiplicity 3 is a virtual keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) product that replaces hardware KVM switches at a fraction of the cost.    

"Multiplicity v3 is a perfect example of the disruption EdgeRunner brings to the software market," said EdgeRunner President Jamie McGuffie. "Virtualizing KVM capabilities into a software KVM switch slashes purchase costs, simplifies deployment, and delivers unique capabilities that hardware KVM solutions can't offer." 

EdgeRunner fuels its business model by tapping into the boundless innovation that independent developers create. By hand-picking development partners to work with, EdgeRunner is able to identify, package and deliver the best solutions being created by talented developers and engineers around the world.

"Our model provides far more value than algorithm-driven download sites and traditional digital retail sites are prepared to deliver," said EdgeRunner VP of Marketing Chris Kowal. "Our customers enjoy high- value products backed by professional support and ease of deployment. Our development partners get proactive global marketing, digital sales and distribution, and reliable customer support – a complete business support infrastructure otherwise unavailable to the small, independent teams we work with."

EdgeRunner is financially backed by the Stardock Strategic Investment Fund, which identifies innovative solutions to unsolved problems in both productivity software and digital entertainment. "EdgeRunner is a new business model for a new era in computing," said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. "Consumers rightly expect the same simple, easy experience deploying business software as installing mobile apps. Combined with the remarkable products like Multiplicity already identified by the EdgeRunner team, this is a natural next step for the business software market."

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