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Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6 Now Available

Article posted on 5/1/2015

Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6 is now available! The team is putting the final touches on the game before our May 14 release date, and everything is coming together nicely to fulfill our vision of the largest strategy sandbox to date.

Beta 6 includes high dynamic range lighting, new resource-fueled planetary structures, and another round of massive AI and performance improvements among hundreds of various other tweaks and fixes.

The end of beta is near, and the team at Stardock is thrilled to be reaching this milestone, but we are more committed than ever to the promise we made to our Elite Founders more than a year and a half ago: We’re going to keep working on Galactic Civilizations III for years, releasing free patches to improve the experience across the board, DLC to expand the universe even further with optional content, and massive expansions that add entirely new game mechanics.

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