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Stardock Releases Ultimate Edition of its Popular Fallen Enchantress and Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Games

Article posted on 11/13/2015

Plymouth, MI. - November 13, 2015 - Rise from the ashes of a great Cataclysm and journey into a dark fantasy world in Fallen Enchantress: Ultimate Edition.  This set includes Fallen Enchantress, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, and all of the DLC for both games.

In these 4X fantasy strategy games, the world of Elemental is at war and it's up to the player to either conquer it or destroy it. Players will lead their empire as one of 21 sovereigns, such as the traitor Emperor Karavox, the huntress Lady Irane, or the pyromancer Asha Furnaceborn. Powerful design tools also allow for endless possibilities for creating custom factions, leaders, and units.Fallen Enchantress: Ultimate Edition offers hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay spanning two full games and six DLC packs.

The player must recruit heroes to champion their cause, expand their kingdom to gather valuable resources, and engage in tactical battles against hundreds of opponents, from Ravenous Harridan and Burning Wraiths, to Ashwake Dragons and the legendary Delin, the Pyre of Man. The DLC adds additional items, like the Possessed Axe and the Shadowbolt Staff, events like the spread of a new cult in your lands or the appearance of a giant skeleton, maps, and more to further enhance the player's experience.

"We wanted to provide the best version of the game for new and old players," said Derek Paxton, Vice President of entertainment at Stardock.  "To do that, we have added a new Stamina system for more tactical combat, over 20 new abilities and spells, and each of the races now has access to new racial abilities. If you already own these titles, you don’t have to purchase the Ultimate Edition to enjoy all of these new features - we have added them into the existing versions of the game."

Fallen Enchantress: Ultimate Edition can be purchased on Steam for $39.99 here: For more information, please visit



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