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Galactic Civilizations III Gets Big Diplomacy Update, New Types of Planets in this Week's 1.5 Update and DLC Release!

Article posted on 12/9/2015

Plymouth, MI - December 9, 2015 - Stardock announced the availability of the Galactic Civilizations III v1.5 update which adds new diplomatic opportunities and many other new features to the game, and a new DLC, "Precursor Worlds", which adds new Precursor Planets, anomalies, and colony events.

In v1.5, players will now be able to interact with their friends and foes through new and different dialogues and choices. Players can order other races out of their territory, proclaim their unwavering friendship, or demand tribute, resulting in either strengthening or damaging relations.

This update also adds a new "Coercion" ability, a new building that will provide a Planetary Wheel improvement for that world, and enhancements to the multiplayer experience, including being able to invite friends to play directly through Steam.

The new DLC, “Precursor Worlds”, introduces new and dangerous anomalies for the player to discover and explore. They will also have to contend with new colony events as they explore lost and ancient Precursor worlds throughout the galaxy.

The "Precursor Worlds" DLC is available for $4.99 directly through Stardock or Steam at

Version 1.5 of Galactic Civilizations III is free. For more information about Galactic Civilizations III, the 1.5 update, and the "Precursor Worlds" DLC, please visit

v1.5 Screenshots

Screenshot 1  |  Screenshot 2  |  Screenshot 3  |  Screenshot 4  |  Screenshot 5

"Precursor Worlds" DLC Screenshots

Screenshot 1  |  Screenshot 2  |  Screenshot 3  |  Screenshot 4  |  Screenshot 5

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