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Let's take a look at Tiles 2.0!

Article posted on 2/4/2021

January is an exciting month for us here at Stardock software with the recent beta release of both DeskScapes 11 and Tiles 2.0. I’ve done a couple of previews and walkthroughs of DeskScapes 11, but today I’d like to focus on Tiles - what’s already there, and also what new things are coming to the app with the latest version.

If you’re unfamiliar with the software, Tiles is a program that lets you create multiple desktops of related programs, files, and links through the use of a customizable sidebar on your Windows desktop. You can drag programs onto the sidebar by holding the shift key; it will then create a thumbnail of that application so that you can find it easily.

You can have multiple pages of Tiles and categorize and label them anyway you wish, allowing you to organize your tasks in an efficient and visually appealing way. You can click through your lists of tiles and swipe left/right easily to access your other groups. Additionally, you can adjust the size and position of where your Tiles bar sits. 

Speaking of organization, I think my favorite Tiles feature is new to v2.0. In settings, I can change it so that certain Tiles categories show only maximized or minimized Windows. This is especially great for a 2-monitor setup, since I can keep the tiles on one monitor and easily click through to apps and tasks that I can utilize on my main monitor. 

In my case, I made it so that my Tiles pages wouldn’t show any of my maximized apps, so whenever I had something open it would leave the list, making it easier for me to find my other tasks. You can also filter what types of apps go into which Tiles groups.

Of course, we would be terribly remiss if we released a software product like this that didn’t have some additional level of visual customization available. You can find several different style and color options right from within the app so that you can curate your desktop experience. 

Tiles coordinates well with the way I work. I have found that I really like keeping a tiles page with all of my different writing documents on it so that I can flip between them. This is especially handy during product releases when I might be working on 4+ things all at the same time.

Have you tried Tiles yet? If you’re an Object Desktop member, you can try the v2.0 beta before its public release. Let us know what you think!