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Using Fences Folder Portals in My Workshop for Quick Access to OneDrive Folders

Article posted on 7/30/2021

I use CNC and laser engravers in my workshop, so PCs are also a big part of my workshop, not just my office. I have my main PC in my home office, and I have a Fusion5 tablet in my workshop that I use to control the machines. It's a great tablet for running the few applications I need. I previously had a cheap laptop but having a touch screen is so much easier when using these apps.

So, my workflow for my shop is that I design the files in my main PC in the home office, then I move them to a OneDrive folder. I'm using OneDrive because that's the cloud service I use and it's easy to setup a folder that I can access from just about anywhere. I have a CNC folder on OneDrive that I put all my projects and relevant files into. That way I can get the files from my tablet in the workshop without having to use thumb drives.

This is where Fences comes in and make it even easier to use. I want access to these folders as fast as I can, so I setup folder portals on each desktop using Fences. I set the portal to have access to each project folder I use in the workshop. That way, I can simply drag a file into the folder portal on my office desktop, and then walk into the workshop and have that folder portal on my tablet point to the same folder. That way I have access to those files right on the desktop and I know right where I need to find them.

Here's my home office desktop.

And here's an image of the Fusion5 tablet in my workshop. 

It's a straightforward process, but it helps tremendously in my workflow. Just remember that I'm not "sharing" this folder through Fences, I'm just using the folder portal feature in Fences to have direct access to these OneDrive folders directly from a fence on my desktop on multiple PCs.

Do you use folder portals in Fences? Have you tried a similar setup or have another setup that you find useful? Let us know in the comments below.