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Faster File Access with Start11

Article posted on 12/2/2021

When building Start11, one of our core principles was that it isn't good enough to simply replicate what shipped with Windows 11, but rather we must improve upon it. While the idea of rebuilding the Start menu for Windows 11 may sound a bit odd, keep in mind that Start11 runs on Windows 10, too.

One of the primary ways that we improved the Start menu experience for Start11 (when compared to the default Start menu) is the ability to pin files, folders, and drives, to the menu. For my Start menu, I keep my personal and work OneDrive, Downloads, and my C: drive pinned, and it has significantly improved how quickly I can access my content.

With this arrangement, by pressing the Windows key to open my menu and then pressing the down arrow key, I can open File Explorer directly to the Stardock OneDrive folder and quickly navigate to the file that I need without using my keyboard or mouse.

Sure, it has always been possible to navigate File Explorer without a keyboard and mouse, but with this direct pin option in Start11 it is significantly easier to accomplish this task. And it’s incredibly easy to set up yourself, too.

All you need to do is install Start11, right-click in the menu, and select pin file (or folder), then select the item that you would like added to the menu. If you have mapped network drives, these can also be added too.

Being able to pin files, folders, and drives to the Start menu with Start11 is one of the many small features that we have added to help improve workflows. If you haven’t downloaded Start11 yet, you can learn more about it here.