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Getting Started with Peek in Fences 4

Article posted on 12/15/2021

Earlier this month, we released Fences 4 – a new version of Fences that introduces several features, including Peek. If you haven’t ever tried Fences, it’s worth exploring, as this unique app is the best way to organize your desktop. In Fences 4, it has also become the fastest way to access your content, too.

Fences creates shaded areas on your desktop called fences. These shaded areas can be configured in various ways, including automated controls (as an example, all PDFs are pulled into a designated Fence) and advanced filtering.

With Peek, you can instantly access these fences on top of other applications. In this post, I'll highlight how this feature has dramatically improved my workflow.

Between developing new products, creating or reviewing marketing assets, and bug reporting, I take a lot of screenshots – and I mean a lot of screenshots. Prior to using Fences, I would save all my screenshots to my desktop and let them pile up until I needed to share them with my team.

With Fences 4, I have all my screenshots saved into a Fence and then I can access them with Peek (Windows key + space) when needed without having to close my application that is open on my primary display. It’s a bit easier to illustrate; check out the image below where I was adding a new screenshot to the photo editor.

In this example, I am highlighting an update that needs to be made to a configuration on our website by comparing two screenshots. I opened one screenshot by double-clicking it, then to place the new screenshot next to it, I accessed my screenshot fence by pressing Windows key + space to bring it to the top level of the desktop. Then I dragged it into the photo editor, and this is all done without having to hit file open, minimizing the photo app, or accessing File Explorer – it’s saving me quite a bit of time.

There are many other ways that Peek can improve your workflow, but this is one way that it has allowed me to work more efficiently each day. If you want to try Fences 4 yourself, you can do so with our 30-day free trial here.