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(Galactic) Civilizations Highlight: The Terran Alliance

Article posted on 2/17/2022

Galactic Civilizations IV is in beta right now and moving on toward release! Although we’ve been introducing plenty of new civilizations into the game, we have made sure not to neglect some of our classics who have been around since the very beginning. This week, we’re going to talk a bit about the Terran Alliance and what their place is on the galactic scene.

The Terrans are the youngest civilizations in the galaxy and are known almost as much for their professed love of diplomacy as they are for their proficient use of violence. Responsible for the invention of the hyperdrive technology, they made the decision to share their discovery with their galactic neighbors…leading to the galactic arms race that numerous civilizations are currently embroiled in with one another.

Although the Terrans present themselves as peaceful and diplomatic, their reputation for resorting to violence when things don’t go as planned has led to rather mixed opinions amongst the other civilizations. While the Terrans don’t seem to find anything unusual about this dichotomy, their galactic peers regard it as alarming or even duplicitous. 

The Terrans are an inspiring people, and as such are afforded an additional leader for recruitment whenever new options appear in the cycle. Their leaders also cost 25% less to recruit than other races, making it so that they can staff their government and fleets much more quickly.

Ideologically, they believe that new methods and insights will help civilization succeed and tend to push toward choices that encompass the idea of innovation. Their citizens are flexible and productive, and generally have lower expectations than other civilizations, making it easier to keep approval ratings up.

Naturally adventurous, the Terrans have many fast and long-ranging ships and a +25% bonus to their ranges. Their production capacity and diplomatic abilities are well regarded, even among their enemies, though their ability to field large fleets is looked on a bit more warily.

Like all of the other civilizations, the Terran have a fleet of 7 unique command ships available. By assigning a commander to each (although some of the more powerful vessels are locked behind some tech requirements), you will be able to add the ship to your existing fleet and utilize its benefits.

The Terran Alliance’s roster of ships is, perhaps unsurprisingly, geared toward being able to hold their own in a fight. One or two vessels stress exploration, but even those have missiles or lasers for “defensive” purposes. Either way, if some pirates try to mess with any of these ships, they’ll at least have a little fight on their hands.

The Terran Alliance is currently available to play in the Beta for Galactic Civilizations IV. If you haven’t joined the beta yet, you can get more information on that here. If you’re already playing the beta, please tell me: have you tried playing as the Terran Alliance yet, and what do you think?

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