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(Galactic) Civilizations Highlight: Meet the Xeloxi!

Article posted on 5/12/2022

“Morality is a construct, created and enforced by those who are too short-sighted to see more than one possibility.” -Some Xeloxi, probably

Perhaps one of the most difficult civilizations to play, The Xeloxi are all about crime - and I mean this literally. They find other civilizations’ systems of laws to be quaint and misguided, as well as incredibly boring - their way of life is much more exciting and profitable, if you know how to exploit it.

Outsiders will tell you that the Xeloxi have few redeeming qualities - and by few, they actually mean “none at all.” The Xeloxi are a dangerous bunch to get to know, even from a distance; they are well-known for their lack of concern regarding ethics or compassion. The strong survive in Xeloxi society, and that more often than not means that the individual thrives at the expense of others.

A society in which every citizen is a criminal must be a dangerous place to visit - but, to the Xeloxi, it’s just the natural order of things. Plus, if everyone is a criminal, doesn’t that sort of mean that no one is? Not by their terms, anyway. The Xeloxi live the way they live, and as long as you don’t get in their way, you should be fine.

The Xeloxi government maintains control over their unruly citizens through brutal and random displays of power. Somehow, this works for them, and while other civilizations may see as dark chapters in history, the Xeloxi view it as normal - and even thrive because of it.

Because the Xeloxi thrive on crime, the answer to winning with them isn’t eliminating crime, but rather finding ways to control and harness it. Higher crime rates unlock special improvements unique to the Xeloxi worlds, and with the right policies these benefits can spread outward while negatively affecting the worlds of your enemies - and, in some instances, your allies as well.

The Xeloxi excel at more than just deception; they are also warriors. Their ships ignore 10% of all damage dealt to them, although this does come at the cost of some range. They are also avid explorers - always looking for new places to settle and earn some profit - so their ships have a good range for moving outside of their zones.

Perhaps the greatest advantage that the Xeloxi possess is that they start the game allied with pirates. This means you don’t have to experience early-game eradication at the hands of an unexpected and surprise raid from some unruly buccaneers. Do they call them buccaneers in space? Probably not, but we’re just gonna roll right over that.

Secrets are what keep the Xeloxi empire running. It is a critical part of their empire - secrets kept not only from other civilizations, but also from their own citizens. Xeloxi are skilled at amassing wealth, and although they don’t earn many brownie points with other civilizations, it doesn’t seem to bother them much. Diplomacy is only an option, after all. 

The Xeloxi are one of over a dozen civilizations available in Galactic Civilizations IV, which released on April 26th. If you aren’t playing the game yet, you can get it here. Have you tried out the Xeloxi yet? Tell me about your playthrough!


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