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Making it Easier to Deploy Start11

Article posted on 5/10/2022

There are many reasons that IT Pros are choosing to deploy Start11 in their environment. Everything from keeping a consistent Start menu experience across both Windows 10 and 11, to simply for the flexibility to control what each user sees in their menu.

We frequently hear from users how Start11 has made deploying Windows 11 easier by reducing the training needed for the new desktop experience that ships with the updated OS. To help our IT Pros deploy Start11 in their environment, we have two new options that will make managing the application at scale even easier.

If you use ManageEngine for application deployment, Start11 now supports it via that product. If you are a new customer looking to use ManageEngine with Start11, our support team can help guide your installation.

We know that not everyone uses a third-party solution to download and install apps; many utilize scripts. Start11 is now indexed by winget. To download the app, from the command prompt, type: “winget install --id=Stardock.Start11  -e”. It will download the latest version of Start11.

Both of these options will make it easier for IT Pros to deploy Start11 in their environments, which further enhances the tool's ability to make managing desktops even easier. But, if there is a deployment solution that we currently do not support that would benefit your environment, please let us know.

Start11 has already proven itself to be a valuable application in the IT toolbox, as we have already helped dozens of corporations and tens of thousands of users take full control of their Start menu and taskbar. If there are features that would help with your deployment, make sure to let us know as we are always looking to improve our suite of applications.