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Stardock Software, Backed by Support from Real Humans

Article posted on 5/24/2022

When it comes to buying software from Stardock, we expect that the majority of our users will have few - if any! - issues with our products. Prior to releasing updates, we test our products internally, pass them through QA, and (almost always) release them as a beta to gather as much feedback as possible before pushing them to our users.

Microsoft changes their builds frequently and does things like remove the new system tray, and although they claim Windows 11 will only get one major update per year the company is already shipping new features outside that promise. It’s this chaotic update pattern that can make supporting applications on Windows 11 a bit like trying to walk on quicksand.

That being said, we invest a significant amount of time into testing our applications on dev and beta channels of Windows 11 so that when a build makes its way to the general population, our apps are ready. While we do our best to support beta channel updates, dev channel releases are weekly, which means applications can and will act in unexpected ways. Microsoft tends to like shipping undocumented changes in that channel.

If a time comes where you do discover a bug or need help with a wide-scale deployment, know that Stardock provides real support - with real humans! Most of us are located in Plymouth, Michigan.

There are two primary methods we recommend for getting support with your purchase:

  • Check our forums(we monitor them closely!), including our beta threads, for updates that we are preparing for release. These threads are one of the primary locations where we gather feedback and triage bugs that our users uncover.
  • If you need a more direct line of communication, submit a ticket. You will be contacted by a support team member to help address any questions or issues that have arisen. This is the preferred method of communication, especially for corporate customers who have large-scale deployments.

Keep in mind that the majority of our support staff is located in the Eastern time zone, but we do our best to respond to tickets as quickly as possible regardless of the time of the day.

The best way to stay updated on everything we are doing is to take a look at our news and blog pages. And of course, you can always follow us on Twitter and other social media networks too.