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(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Drengin Empire!

Article posted on 5/19/2022

For this week’s blog, I’m going to introduce you to the Dregin Empire, but I feel like I should be clear on one thing: when they say “nice to meet you,” they mean M-E-A-T.

The Drengin are one of the galaxy’s older civilizations and they are famous for their depraved - and disturbingly creative - cruelty. Exceedingly clever and vicious, there are few beings in the galaxy who have met a Drengin and lived to tell the tale.

Known for their habit of eating - yeah, you read that right - and enslaving their foes, the Drengin are a civilization that most others go out of their way to avoid interacting with. Unfortunately, once they’ve decided that your homeworld is a target, you’d better be ready for a fight; their soldiers are savagely effective at ground-based combat and are very well versed in invasion tactics.

Their history is rich with tales of conquest and bloodshed. There have been many civilizations throughout the decades that have fallen victim to their subjugation - the Torians, the Arceans, and countless others whose names and memories have been lost to time - and the Drengin are not likely to cease their tyranny anytime soon.

While the Drengin have hardy ships, an impressive military, and a good amount of manufacturing ability, their colonies do often struggle with discontent. Fortunately for them (and unfortunately for their slavelings), the Drengin often apply their famous inventiveness into stopping revolts and quelling the will of their slaves.

Although many other civilizations’ citizens would balk at the idea of their planets left without a proper defense, the Drengin receive no such penalty to approval. The Drengin can always be relied on to defend themselves.

The Drengin Empire starts with the ability to enslave citizens, reducing their approval, production, and food consumption - but their citizens never protest. How could they dare? The Drengin also receive access to unique slaving technologies that are unavailable to other civilizations. Their unrelenting nature grants them additional control points at the start of a game, plus allows their planets to generate a +1 influence each turn.

The idea that the Drengin believe in authority - that a strong government with firm control is crucial to the success and longevity of a civilization - should not come as a shock to anyone who knows of them. Their reputation makes them difficult to interact with through events and diplomacy - for some strange reason, anyone who meets them just ends up shaking in their boots! They are far from likeable, and it’s not uncommon to have to deal with other civilizations reacting negatively to your presence when you’re playing as the Drengin.

The Drengin Empire is one of over a dozen civilizations available in Galactic Civilizations IV, which released on April 26th. If you aren’t playing the game yet, you can get it here. Have you tried out the Drengin Empire yet? Tell me about your playthrough!

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