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(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Corporate Sector!

Article posted on 6/2/2022

Trade is what makes the galaxy go ‘round - that’s what the members of the Corporate Sector believe, anyway. Their happiness and satisfaction is intrinsically tied to the amount of credits in their coffers; the more, the better. 

The Corporate Sector is ruled by a number of multi-planet corporations with a singular goal in mind: make money. Clearly, the adage “more money, more problems” doesn’t concern them in the slightest. To this end, when you play as this civilization you’ll start with a bonus 2000 credits - and, because it’s hard to gain credits without trade, you’ll also start out knowing the Universal Translator tech.

The apex corporate entity of an ulta capitalistic society, the Corporate Sector is the only organization capable of entering into contracts on the behalf of all Iridiums. Their entire culture is based on a firm - bordering fanatical, really - belief in the power of the free market. Citizens are the happiest when they are wealthy and your approval will take a pretty major dive if they find themselves dealing with any unpleasant financial hardships.

As masters of trade, the Corporate Sector starts out with a freighter, 3 free trade licenses, and a significant boost to their persuasion score. They’ll stop at nothing to close a deal, though their first preference is usually to make friends before enemies. While they’re not strangers to weaponry, they tend to consider research through the lens of mutual cooperation; it’s kind of difficult to trade with dead people.

Quick to maximize the economic potential of new discoveries, the Corporate Sector excels at research and development. It’s just another way - one of many, in fact - to fill up the treasury and bring prosperity to their people.

The command ship lineup for the Corporate Sector consists largely of vessels that are designed largely for the purpose of generating revenue. A ship called “Star Casino” boosts tourism (and also bolsters the coffers as a result), and there are others that transport large groups of citizens or bring the market to far away places for trade.

The Corporate Sector is one of over a dozen civilizations available in Galactic Civilizations IV, which released on April 26th. If you aren’t playing the game yet, you can get it here. Have you tried out the Corporate Sector yet? Tell me about your playthrough!

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