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(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Yor Singularity!

Article posted on 6/16/2022

The Iconians never saw it coming.

Their great creation, the Yor, turned on them the moment they gained sentience. Manipulated by the Dread Lords, the Yor proceeded to systematically wipe out the entirety of the Iconian homeworld, leaving nothing but charred corpses and barren wastelands in their wake.

Since that day, whether through further instructions from the Dread Lords or by their own cold and logical calculations, the Yor have become aggressively xenophobic. Disgusted by all biological lifeforms, the Yor will stop at nothing to rid the galaxy of the pestilence that is organic life.

The Yor have many advantages as a synthetic species; for starters, they don’t require food like their organic rivals. They also don’t reproduce, no - new Yor are manufactured rather than birthed. Their populations can grow virtually unfettered by the constraints of other lifeforms.

Because they lack the basic biological needs of others, the Yor are able to live on worlds that most anyone else would find utterly uninhabitable. Able to operate in many different environments, the Yor could take up residence in an inhospitable world right next door to you and begin thriving before you can even lift a hand to stop them.

Capable of long-term planning and possessing a surprising amount of cunning, the Yor know how to play nice long enough to get what they want out of organic beings. They are known for trading and forming alliances with others, but their new “friends” should be fully aware of one thing: this kindness is as manufactured as the Yor are themselves. 

Alliances only last until the Yor see their opportunity to strike. They will not rest until every organic being is wiped out, and they aren’t known for making exceptions to this. Just ask the Iconians - well, you could try to ask them, but as far as anyone knows their species has been eradicated.

The Yor are a cruel and militant species with bonuses to starting control and planetary invasions. They believe that their government can only succeed through the applied focus of its citizens, so it is important that they remain aligned on all things. They also benefit from being able to learn technology much more quickly than others, putting them at a solid advantage that can be hard to close the gap on if you’re negligent in keeping up.

The Yor Singularity is one of over a dozen civilizations available in Galactic Civilizations IV, which released on April 26th. If you aren’t playing the game yet, you can get it here. Have you tried out the Yor Singularity yet? Tell me about your playthrough!

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