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Summer is here and Stardock has gone to the dogs!

Article posted on 6/23/2022

At this point it should be no secret, but we love dogs here at Stardock.

Honestly, we don’t discriminate; we pretty much love all animals, and the ecosystem surrounding our office is inhabited by feral kitties, geese, snapping turtles, groundhogs, and dozens of other critters that we do our best to live peacefully with. Still, there’s nothing quite like the wag of a dog’s tail or the excitement they exude when you walk through the door.

A few months back, we all said a tough and unexpected good-bye to our sweet office dog, Bailey. She was as much a part of our daily lives here at the office as she was to her owners’, the Wardell family, and we all grieved her terribly.

Bailey was a unique breed of dog called an Entlebucher, which is the smallest of four Swiss mountain dogs (which include the Bernese). Bailey was never far from her people, and her distinct bark could be heard from just about any corner of the office! 

Earlier this month, our CEO Brad took a trip across the country to meet this little bundle of cute: Summer.

He brought her home with him, where all of us at the office spent her first few days here fawning over and cuddling her. She is just 8 weeks old (9 weeks now!) and is getting on well with the other dogs. They are all excited to see her and teach her what it means to be one of the office’s resident canines. 



Since a little bit of cuteness in our daily lives can’t ever go remiss as far as I’m concerned, I thought I’d share both some pictures of Summer and some pics of our other dogs hanging around the office. Why should I hog all of the serotonin for myself, right?

Scherzer is a shepherd mix who belongs to Max on our Games team.

Rosie is a golden-doodle who belongs to Chris from our Business Development team.

This is Trixie, she belongs to Paul on our Games team.

This is Cheesecake, she belongs to Ryan on our Games team.

We love having them here in the building and look forward to getting in some belly rubs and a few ball throws every day! This place sure has gone to the dogs - but, you won’t hear any of us complaining.

Share some pics of your animal companions - canine or otherwise - with me! I love to see them.