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Fences 4 and Start11 On Sale for the First Time

Article posted on 6/28/2022

It’s that time of the year when we are applying lots of sunscreen, the lightning bugs are filling up the backyards, and... our software is on sale. That’s right, friends: for the first time since they released, Start11 and Fences 4 are on sale.

If you have been thinking about buying Start11 or Fences 4, the multi-device packs are on sale for 10% off their standard pricing. This offer is only for a limited time, which means you'll need to act fast to save on our most popular software.

Fences 4 is a significant upgrade over Fences 3 and brings with it many new features. The most noteworthy addition is Peek. Using this innovative feature, you can bring your Fences to the top of your other applications, allowing you to easily access content without breaking your workflow.

Start11 is the best way to customize your Windows 11 (and Windows 10) desktop by taking full control of your Start menu and taskbar. If you miss ungrouped windows on your taskbar, Start11 brings that functionality back. It can make Windows 10 look like Windows 11, or make Windows 11 look like Windows 10.

Start11 and Fences 4 are the newest applications in our productivity tools portfolio and are already enjoyed by tens of thousands of users every day. Our multi-device packs make it easier to keep your all your desktops optimized with both of these powerful apps.

If you've made it this far, make sure to go and check out Fences 4 and Start11.