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Seeing All Your Windows with Start11

Article posted on 9/20/2022

If the idea of having twenty-five windows open doesn’t scare you but the thought of not being able to see all of the windows open at once does, then Start11 is your new best friend. While there are many features in Start11 worth highlighting, not everyone is aware of this particular one: you can expand the taskbar.

The taskbar is arguably the most important part of the Windows operating system. However, Microsoft made significant changes with Windows 11. With ungrouping gone, and centered icons with a left-aligned Start menu also not available, Start11 implements these features, as well as an expandable taskbar.

Out of the box, you can grab the top of the taskbar and drag it upward to expand the height of your taskbar. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can drag it up so that it covers about half of your display.

When you do expand the taskbar, your Start button, widgets, and system tray will automatically stay centered vertically without any input from you. And you can change the height of the taskbar at any time, even if you have a couple of dozen windows already open.

While not the most popular feature in Start11, the expandable taskbar has proven valuable to users that want more space to view all of their open Windows. If you love to have all the windows open, all the time, the expandable taskbar is the next big thing for you!