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Object Desktop Continues to Deliver Stardock’s Best Value

Article posted on 9/27/2022

In the last 12 months, Stardock has released two new versions of our most popular applications: Start11 and Fences 4. In the next couple of months, we will be adding two additional updates to our portfolio as we continue to refresh our suite of applications.

Object Desktop is Stardock’s way of making it easy to access our applications for one annual fee rather than buying each application individually. Better yet, with Object Desktop, all of the applications receive a license for use on five devices (except for Multiplicity where it’s designed for two devices), so there is no worry about hitting a device limit or having to purchase multiple individual licenses.

For $39.99, you get access to not only Start11 and Fences 4, but also our entire suite of customization applications like WindowBlinds, CursorFX, DeskScapes 11, and more.

You'll also have access to Multiplicity 3, an essential application for anyone who uses multiple devices and wants to control them with a single mouse and keyboard. If that's not enough, add tabs to every application with Groupy, which will make working with multiple Office documents much easier.

If you were only to utilize our two most popular applications on two devices, you would already be saving money with Object Desktop. Add any other application and you'll come out way ahead in terms of value, which is why Object Desktop is the best way to enjoy our software.

We aren’t done adding more value to the service, either. We have plans to introduce new features next year that have never been seen in a Stardock product; we can’t wait to share more about it! What I will say is that we have built our reputation on making your desktop more personal and productive, but in 2023 we will be taking that mission to the next level with features that only Stardock can deliver.

But before we launch those new features, check out Object Desktop today to get started with customizing your taskbar by ungrouping icons in Start11, organizing your desktop clutter with Fences 4, or adding tabs to every application with Groupy.