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The Sins of a Solar Empire II Technical Preview is Here!

Article posted on 10/28/2022

What a week! Everyone has been so excited to get a first peek at what we’re working on with Sins of a Solar Empire II. If you’ve tried out our Technical Preview already, we definitely hope you’re enjoying it and we want to assure you: there is so much more to come.

The technical preview is Sins II in its very earliest stages and is meant to get feedback from you guys on directions you’d like to see us move with it. One of the cornerstones of Stardock has been making sure our community of players are involved and engaged in the development process of our games, and Sins II is no exception.

These days, when games go into Early Access, they tend to be further along. When we first got our start, we were known for putting out early builds and engaging with our community’s opinions in order to make the best game possible. We wanted to do this with Sins II because we know how anticipated this game has been - you’ve all waited a long time for it!

It’s really important to us that everyone knows that what you’re seeing in our Technical Preview is the game in its rawest form. We need to test it on various systems and cards because we’re using a whole new custom engine - it’s better to see problems now than later. Our CEO, Brad Wardell, dives into the Technical Preview and what our expectations are for it in a post over on our forums.

If you’re still curious about the technical preview and whether or not it’s something you’d like to get into, you can read through our player’s guide or check out this interview we did with PC Gamer for more info.

We’re so excited to share the development of Sins of a Solar Empire II with you. You can follow us on social media or hang out on our forums to chat with us, share your thoughts, and learn all the latest in development as it releases. Thanks for being a part of our community!