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WindowBlinds Featured Skin: Diamond

Article posted on 11/1/2022

WindowBlinds first released in 1999! The idea that we could change the look of our PC from the default settings was entirely new and exciting. WindowBlinds was the first program that let users customize the look and feel of the Windows GUI and is still widely popular today.

With WindowBlinds 11 in active development, I had a thought... how many of the skins we see in WindowBlinds 11, were included in the earlier versions? While the skin I am showing below wasn't in the original WindowBlinds, it has been in since 2009!

Here is 'Diamond' back in 2009...


Here is 'Diamond' today (currently in dev...)


I love this skin because it's clean... check back for part 2 where I will feature another long-standing skin.