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Halloween is over - welcome to the great candy restock!

Article posted on 11/10/2022

I worked in schools for a very long time before I came to Stardock. As a result, there are certain habits and mentalities that I have carried over with me throughout the years that just haven’t gone away - in this case, an always-full candy dish at my desk.

The dish has gotten bigger over the years, and more accessible. I definitely wasn’t crazy enough to leave candy in a bowl out in the open around elementary school kids! Truth be told, though, leaving it out around the Stardock “kids” is about as dangerous.

I keep it filled with various candies throughout the year, but by far the biggest restock comes after Halloween. For the past few years, however, places have been stingy about their discounts and will usually start around 25% or 30 % off instead of jumping straight to 50%. Sometimes I wait a couple of days and then I go in and clean them out. 

Above is my candy setup! I try to make it warm and inviting. ...with the dragon skeleton, the storm trooper helmet, and the creepy cauldron. Look, I know Halloween is over but I don't have a bigger vessel for the candy, so the cauldron stays out year round! The rainbow sign is pretty cheerful, though - I'm pretty sure my coworker Raeann stealthed in that "heckin" there a while back and I've just never changed it because it's perfect.

Don’t mind the gold snake - that’s just my first place prize from a tournament I fought in during my longsword class. His name is Hisstopher Walken and I will fight anyone who tries to take him from me!

…Ahem, anyway.

Going about the process this year made me think about the kinds of foods that are often marketed to gamers. We have things like “game fuel” and snacks like Funyuns seem to be inherently associated with sitting down to play things like D&D. As I've gotten older, I've tried to swap more of this stuff out for veggie trays and charcuterie boards, but sometimes nothing beats that salty crunch of a Dorito.

I definitely have my favorite things to munch on during a gaming session, and I’ll admit that it varies depending on what kind of gaming I’m doing. Usually things with minimal mess are ideal when I’m handling board game pieces or typing on my keyboard, so I tend to stick with cheese or popcorn, while putting a tight lid or a fair distance on any drink I’m having. I’m not much for Mountain Dew or energy drinks in most cases, so it’s usually just a sparkling water for me.

I like salty snacks like crackers, chips, and peanuts. I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth, which is probably a good thing given the perpetually full candy dish I provide. What about you - what are some of your favorite game-time snacks? Share with me in the comments!