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Fences: Make Gaming Better with a Special Discount

Article posted on 1/24/2023

At Stardock, we make great games and play many of the latest titles. But, like many gamers, our desktops have become cluttered with various launchers, apps to control your RGB, and - if you're a streamer - your favorite broadcast software as well. Add everything up and all of a sudden, your desktop looks like the aftermath of playing Minesweeper.

There is a better way forward! For a limited time, Fences 4 is on sale if you use the coupon code GAMERS at checkout. Fences has been used to organize desktops for decades! With the explosion of gaming apps populating your desktop, it’s the perfect utility to pair with Windows to keep your launchers, games, and utilities perfectly organized.

Our own Ron Burke has been using Fences for years to help keep his desktop organized by rolling up each fence for quick access to frequently played games while also keeping his desktop expertly organized.

In this configuration, hovering your mouse over the fence “unrolls” it to reveal the contents. Ron has his desktop organized by games and then has another fence for the launchers. Fences is a fantastic way to keep everything organized and easily accessible while also making your desktop look minimalistic too.

Until the end of January, anyone can purchase Fences 4 with coupon code GAMERS and save 15% at checkout.*

Fences 4 is a powerful utility tool - once you experience it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. If you aren’t convinced, you can always download a free trial to see for yourself.

Fences users, how do you utilize the app to enhance your gaming experience? Share in the comments below.

*Coupon expires on January 31st, 2023 at 6:59 PM.