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Bringing a New Experience to our App Pages

Article posted on 1/31/2023

Earlier this year, we started to roll out updates to to improve the user experience for downloading applications and managing subscriptions. In addition, we have also overhauled our help portal and are now shifting focus to our app pages.

We've rolled out the first new app page update, bringing with it a new style and messaging for one of our most popular applications: Start11. The new page layout has larger images, new messaging for both home and business users, easier link discoverability, and more.

Start11 New App Page

Along with the new design, one of the bigger changes makes it easier to find the trial links for our software. In our old design, the software trial links for our applications were not easily discoverable – the new layout places an emphasis on making this link easy to find.

Bringing the business and consumer pages together will also improve our discoverability. While we do currently have pages dedicated to our enterprise clients, we know that most of them initially learn about our products from our consumer pages. By creating one page that can effectively serve both users, we can streamline our navigation and better serve both types of users.

Start11 Legacy App Page

Start11 Legacy App Page

With the first page nearly complete, we will start to roll out these design updates to more pages next month. We are still making a few optimizations to our design and mobile layout, but if you see any oddities, please let us know.

Updating all of our core app pages will push us closer to our goal of modernizing many aspects of our site experience, but the work is not done. We still have more plans to continue to update, but we will share more about those efforts when they are closer to fruition.