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WindowBlinds 11 is headed to Steam

Article posted on 2/8/2023

WindowBlinds 11 is the latest version of our popular Windows customization software that lets you truly personalize your desktop. Released late last year, WindowBlinds allows users to customize the look and feel of their Windows desktop, including changing the colors, textures, and styles of the windows, buttons, and menus.

Coming soon, WindowBlinds 11 will be available on Steam and you can add it to your wish list today.

Along with releasing the base application, we have added a couple of brand-new themes as well. Windows Classic is the best way to make your desktop look like a classic version of Windows - we also have a classic Mac version as well.

With WindowBlinds 11, users can completely transform their Windows desktops; the built-in browser includes thousands of skins to choose from, allowing for complete customization of the look of Windows, buttons, menus, and more. It also includes a powerful theme editor for creating custom skins.

While working on bringing this application to Steam, we also took time to optimize the installation process as well. Starting with new builds of WindowBlinds 11, we have reduced the installation time from a couple of minutes to roughly 30 seconds or less (depending on your hardware).

We do not have a current release date yet for WindowBlinds 11 on Steam as we navigate the final hurdles of bringing this complex application to Steam. That being said, the landing page is now live and you can add the app to your wish list so you'll be notified when it becomes available.