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WindowBlinds 11 is Available on Steam Today

Article posted on 2/15/2023

For fans of personalizing their desktop who like to buy their applications on Steam, today is your day: WindowBlinds 11 is now available on that platform. You can get it as both a standalone product or in a bundle with Start11.

WindowBlinds 11 is the easiest way to truly personalize your desktop. With only a few clicks, you can theme your desktop with a retro style like Windows Classic, or jump ahead in time with a theme like Diamond, which rounds the taskbar and looks like the next version of Windows.

When you pair WindowBlinds 11 with Start11, you have a fully customized desktop experience tuned exactly to your specifications. If you've already purchased Start11 on Steam, you can easily add WindowBlinds 11 with a bundle to save a few dollars, too.

While working on bringing this application to Steam, we also took time to optimize the installation process as well. Starting with this build, we have reduced the time for installing from a couple of minutes to roughly 30 seconds or less (depending on your hardware).

WindowBlinds 11 is available on Steam today for $19.99 with support for 5 active devices running Windows 10 or Windows 11. If you prefer to buy direct, you can learn more about WindowBlinds 11 on our website here.