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Start11 Compatibility with Windows 11 KB5022913/Moment 2

Article posted on 3/1/2023

Everyone loves a good surprise! Sometimes it’s on your birthday, sometimes your anniversary - or sometimes, Microsoft ships an update ahead of schedule. This week, Microsoft announced several new features coming to Windows 11; which is exciting, but when they start shipping updates outside of a traditional patching window, it can cause a few headaches.

Microsoft unexpectedly released KB5022913, also known as Moment 2, about two weeks ahead of schedule. This release introduces a new system tray experience in Windows 11 that has compatibility issues with older versions of Start11.

There's good news, though! We have a compatibility patch for our application and were already prepared to ship it next week to meet Microsoft’s expected March 14th (Patch Tuesday) deadline. The patch is currently available as a beta download. The version is Start11 1.4 and while there are no new features in this release, it is a significant update in terms of compatibility.

It is worth noting that KB5022913 is only being downloaded if you actively seek the update. But, anyone with Windows 11 installed who manually searches for Windows updates will be prompted to download the release. While we anticipate that the compatibility issues between Start11 and KB5022913 are only impacting a small number of users at this time, we are still moving quickly to migrate our 1.4 build from beta to general release.

If you are running Start11 on Windows 11 and are seeing oddities - primarily on secondary taskbars or in coloring around the system tray - we highly recommend you give the Start11 1.4 beta a spin. We believe it will resolve the compatibility issues that this update has introduced. If you are running into anything else after the update, please let us know in our forums so that we can accurately track bugs.