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Stardock Pi Day 2023!

Article posted on 3/17/2023

We love pie here at Stardock. And also - perhaps irrationally so - have a reverence for the number pi, too. We’re well-rounded in our interests!

…if you think that’s it for pie puns, I’m sorry to tell you that’s a half-baked idea. There’s plenty more where that came from, and I’m just getting warmed up.

Sorry, let’s move on! When it comes to pi, I could go on forever and ever and... AHEM.

Earlier this week on 3/14, we held our annual Pie Bake-Off here at Stardock. As usual, we had a lovely spread of both creative and classic pies presented by the earnest bakers here at the office. Some people even took the double meaning of ‘pie for pi day’ quite literally!

…It was me. I’m “some people.” My orange creamsicle “The Pi-rate’s Cure for Scurvy” may not have taken home any prizes, but that’s okay - I’m not berry sad about it. It was nice to make something to occu-pie my time on Monday evening.

You know who did take home some prizes? Cari, Josh, and T Paul! Their pies were delicious, and they were proud to accept and show off their prizes: these cute little key-lime pie lapel pins! 

Cari's "Luck of the Pi-rish" was a chocolate bailey's cream pie topped with Lucky Charms cereal - a touch, I think, that certainly gave it a winning edge. Not that pies have edges, silly, they're round, but - well, you know. Josh's blueberry lemon pie was gorgeous to look at - such pretty latticing! - and very tasty to boot. Would you believe he took a ruler and measured everything so it lined up perfectly and prettily like that? And T Paul's Strawberry Fudge pie - made by the courtesy of his lovely wife - took home the gold, and deservedly so. There wasn't a scrap left for later.


We sampled many other pies, including a strawberry no-bake pie, a tomato mincemeat pie (which tasted like Christmas!), a funfetti cake pie, a blackberry pie, and more. I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely hit my sugar crash around 3:00pm yesterday and needed to go for a walk to wake up a bit.


We have a lot of fun with cook-offs here, and I know Pi Day is the favorite of many. What’s your favorite kind of pie? Share it (and perhaps the recipe) in the comments with me!