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Groupy 2 is Ready for Enterprise Customers

Article posted on 6/19/2023

Groupy 2 is the only application that lets you add tabs to all of your favorite applications. From productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to creative apps like Photoshop, Premier, and many more. And with Groupy 2 freshly minting its general release, it’s now ready for deployment for our corporate customers.

We have heard how Groupy is used in various ways while talking with clients about what features should be incorporated into Groupy 2. We have seen Groupy used to arrange open windows for legal clients to organize a grouping by a specific client or research topic. And in HR, keeping windows grouped that contain sensitive information helps reduce accidental exposure.

Groupy 2’s interface is easy to use and follows the same design methodologies that are used by web browsers. If you know how to use the tab experience in Chrome or Edge, Groupy 2 will be easy to adopt into your workflow.

And like all of our business products, Groupy 2 has advanced tooling to make it easier to deploy our products to your endpoints including silent installs and activations. And on the licensing side, it’s easy to centrally manage your active installs with remote and local deactivation for when you need to free up an activation.

When we revamped our app pages earlier this year, we made it significantly easier to see how other companies are using our products to improve the productivity and functionality of their endpoints. Every business page now contains a “how it’s used section” that best illustrates the various ways our products are being used today.

Ready to give Groupy 2 a try? Head on over to the app page where you can learn more about Groupy 2 and also download a free trial. And if you need help with a larger deployment, we are here to help.