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Groupy 2.12 Is Now Available with Enhanced Compatibility and Improved Translations

Article posted on 9/26/2023

Today we are releasing an update for Groupy 2 that brings with it a plethora of improvements that enhance compatibility with Stardock and third-party applications, updates to translations, and a lot more. The update is rolling out now but you can manually search for an update by opening the Groupy 2 configuration window, clicking the About tab, and then clicking Check Now.

Groupy 2 is the only way to add tabs to all of your favorite applications and with this update, there are dozens of bugs being squashed, updated translations, improvements to compatibility with WindowBlinds, Fancy Zones, and a lot more. You can view the entire changelog here.

In addition to bug fixes and compatibility improvements, a significant amount of effort has gone into how groups are saved, opened, and displayed. The result of this effort is improved consistency when opening up previously saved groups, especially when working with various web browsers.

Like all of our products, if you want to try out updates before they are released to help influence what features and bugs get prioritized – join our beta program. And if you have any feedback, you can find the Groupy 2 community in our forums.

If you haven’t tried Groupy 2 yet, you can download a free trial to experience how adding tabs to all of your favorite applications will transform your workflow forever. And if you are looking for the best value, you can grab all of our productivity apps with Object Desktop.