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How to Hide the Taskbar in Windows 11

Article posted on 4/3/2024

With Windows 11, the taskbar has been changed significantly from that of Windows 10. While the basic concept has remained the same, Microsoft made significant changes with the latest version of Windows including re-writing many of the core features as they looked to modernize the experience.

With Stardock’s apps, there are two different options to hide the taskbar, temporarily or permanently. And while Windows 11 lets you do this natively, search for the Autohide setting in the Settings panel, the native option is not as advanced as what Stardock provides.

The easiest way to temporarily hide the taskbar is with Start11 v2, simply right-click on the taskbar and select “Autohide the taskbar”. Once selected, your taskbar will automatically hide itself when not in use. 

And by using the Start11 autohide option, you get enhanced support for taskbars to hide at the top and bottom of your display, support for multiple-width taskbar support as well. It’s another small enhancement that makes Start11 v2 the most advanced Start experience for Windows 10 and 11.

But what if you want to permanently hide the taskbar and turn your desktop into something truly bespoke? ObjectDock has the customization that you need.

With ObjectDock, you can easily remove the taskbar from the primary desktop by right clicking on the Quicklaunch Dock -> View -> Hide Taskbar. When enabled, this will permanently remove the taskbar from the display and will not return it when you mouse-over the lower portion of the desktop.

To re-enable the taskbar, uncheck the “Hide Taskbar” from ObjectDock and your taskbar will return to its normal operation on your desktop.

While not everyone wants to hide their taskbar, there are various reasons why you may want it removed from a desktop. Oftentimes when taking screenshots for Stardock, I will hide the taskbar so that only the asset we want highlighted is the object in the image besides the wallpaper.

If you haven’t tried out Start11 v2 or the newly enhanced ObjectDock, you can check out each app on their app pages or take a look at Object Desktop, the best value for getting both applications as well as access to other great apps like Fences, Groupy 2, and many more.