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Fences 5.5 Arrives with a New Fences Engine

Article posted on 5/22/2024

Today we are releasing a significant update for Fences 5 that includes an overhaul of the Fences engine as well as other improvements. With this release, Fences 5 is taking a significant leap forward when it comes to elegantly handling complex multi-monitor scenarios as well as subtle but important refinements for daily use on the desktop.

New in this release is Fences Engine v3 that is now enabled by default for new installs of the application. The updated Fences engine is the result of meticulous focus on multi-monitor experiences like that of docking a laptop with external monitors, adding or removing a monitor from a desktop and in some scenarios, and working with devices that have no monitors that are accessed remotely.

New Layout auto-adjustment options for Fences 5.5

While adding and removing monitors is as simple as plugging and unplugging a cable, how Fence groups and icons on the desktop arrange themselves is a delicate dance of understanding the estate resolution of the device and pairing that up with user expectations. You may not think much about how icons move around on your desktop but deciding where an icon or Fence group moves to when a monitor is unplugged can be a complex process when more than one monitor is removed.

The result of this focused effort is that Fences 5.5 is a significant leap forward in terms of performance and reliability by making Fences more consistent across a wider range of scenarios. While it may sound like a few changes were made to create the new Fences engine, it was more of a ground-up rebuild that has been in development for several months.

And with additional updates that improve using Fences 5 with remote desktops, minor changes to the user interface, and bug fixes - Fences 5.5 polishes up the Fences experience to further solidify why it is the best desktop enhancement available today.

Fences 5.5 is rolling out now and you can check for an update by opening up the Fences configuration panel, clicking “About” and then “Check for Updates”.

If you haven’t tried Fences 5, you can learn more about the best desktop organizer on the app page and for the best value, Fences 5 is included in our suite of tools, Object Desktop.