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Create a Floating Taskbar in Windows 10 and 11

Article posted on 7/12/2024

The StartX line of apps from Stardock are best known for the ability to fully customize the Start menu experience but the application reaches far beyond the launch panel. The taskbar can also be customized to your heart’s desire including rounding the corners to create a floating taskbar.

What is a floating taskbar? It’s a taskbar that appears to be floating from the edges of the screen. Meaning you will be able to see your wallpaper on all sides of the taskbar…let’s dive into the options as Start11 v2 makes it easy to float your taskbar.

After opening the Start11 v2 configuration panel, click on taskbar and make sure “Let Start11 enhance the taskbar” is enabled. In the section below this toggle, enable “Give the taskbar rounded corners”.

From there, you have multiple options about the appearance of the corners including settings for how rounded they will appear, offsets on both the X and Y axis, and a few other options too.

A floating taskbar is supported on primary and secondary monitors, and you have additional options for customization if a window is maximized or running in a smaller frame. There is also the ability to turn on animations for expanding the taskbar to not be floating when a window is maximized if you want a hybrid setup too. Meaning, if you make an app full-screen, the taskbar can temporarily return to a state that is full width, as this look more visually more appealing than the rounded taskbar 

While there are a lot of options to choose from, the goal is to allow you to create a customized experience that makes your desktop unique and personalized to your exact specification.

If you haven’t tried out Start11 v2, you can learn more about the app on its page or if you are looking for the best value, Start11 v2 is included in the award-winning suite, Object Desktop.