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2.4 Mod Update Compatibility

Published on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 By GGTheMachine In Ashes Support

In order to make modding more user friendly, there was a few changes in the 2.4 update which breaks compatibility with mods created for previous versions.  To update previous mods, a few changes are required:

   1) In the GameCore\Moduletemplates\WeaponModuleTemplates.csv file, a "Missile Location Group" column was added to the end.  This column contains a reference to the updated MissileLocations.csv file.  This information used to be in "SpecificaMagicNum" and "SpecificMagicNum2", those columns are no longer used for weapon update functions that use MissileLocations.csv    

 2) In the GameCore\MissileLocations.csv, the "Group Name" column now contains a string name instead of an integer. Change the group a name that is a string (Word like "Prometheus") instead of the integer(A Number) that was in there before.

 3) In the GameCore\UnitTemplates.csv, the "Formation Template" and "Default Child Formation Template" columns have changed from an integer index to the Formations\FormationTemplates.csv to a string index.

4) In the GameCore\BuildingTemplates.csv, there is a new a column called "Quanta Cost" after the "DataCost" column. This allows buildings to cost Quanta in the way which Juggernauts do. Set this to 0 for each building if a Quanta cost is not desired.