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Nasa's Big Push to get to Mars

Published on Monday, October 16, 2017 By JBuck406 In Life, the Universe and Everything

I read the complete comment about our radio waves not escaping the "Milky Way"because of the

enormous distance and the weakness of the signals since radio communications were first

invented - this is a valid concept and it may be exactly why we have not seen more visitors.

The mysteries of our planetary system and those fascinating words
"The Universe" will always be perplexing and intriguing to all of those who
wonder what is out beyond this wonderful blue planet called Earth. As our
"Star-Trek" and "Star Wars" fantasies have stirred our imaginations into a frenzy
of excitement with the romantic notions of unlimited space travel, I have some reserved
thoughts about the things that one may experience. Going into space "where no man has gone
before" may not be as exciting as it seems. I do not adhere to the "Big Bang Theory" because it is
just a theory and nothing more, but I do believe in intelligent design & engineering & purpose by
intelligent thought that has overcome the limitations of this "Universe" including our marvelous solar
system. I am constantly amazed at the uncharted egos of university educated doctorates that in the scant time
period of 20 to 30 years have convinced the population and their colleagues that all their theoretical
hypothesis are the rock bottom truth because they can persuade others to agree with them.

For a complete explanation see

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