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Long-Time Microsoft Veteran Kevin Unangst joins Stardock's Executive Team

Published on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 By Island Dog In Stardock Dev Journals

Stardock Welcomes Kevin Unangst as Vice President
of Global Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Kevin Unangst is a nearly 30-year veteran of Microsoft where he has helped lead Microsoft's product marketing and partnership efforts for Windows (including Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 10)  as well as Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s games portfolio - from Halo 4 to Kinect.  Most recently, he led the product marketing and partner marketing for gaming on Windows 10, including DirectX 12.

Naturally, the question arises, what would draw Mr. Unangst away from Microsoft to Stardock?  While Stardock is known for being very innovative (including many firsts:  ZIP folders, OS/2 Warp 4 desktop design, first 32-bit commercial game, first commercial multithreaded game, first digital distribution platform, and the first DirectX 12 game) the company seems an unusual choice for someone who, with his experience, could have made a very different move.

Kevin's answer to that question is as simple as it is complex.

"I’ve been a customer of, and partner with, Stardock for many years.  Stardock has regularly been ahead of the curve at various transition points in our industry.  Most famously, Stardock was way out in front on digital distribution platforms with Impulse®.  Time and time again, Stardock has led the way in technologies we take for granted today but they’ve generally not been able to take full advantage of that lead.  My experience in building partnerships and creating product awareness will help transform Stardock into the industry leader their technological vision makes possible."

The entire Stardock crew is excited to have him join us - and so is our resident "Stardog," Arrow. Welcome, Kevin!