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GalCiv IV Beta 1a brings new events, expanded Mimot lore and tons of updates

Beta 1 was released last week, and thanks to user feedback, we cranked out some new features/tons of updates. Beta 1a brings new flavor text, expanded Mimot lore, tech navigator, and new events. Get into the GalCiv IV beta Top Features New flavor textExpanded Mimot lore storyAdded Tech NavigatorNew Events:Iridium Market CollapseTorian TerroristDrengin GladiatorFleeing ScientistStolen DriveCheck out the full changelog here.  [read more]

2/4/2022 By redskittlesonly in GalCiv IV News

Galactic Civilizations IV is Now in Beta

 Galactic Civilizations IV Enters Beta The beta unlocks all previously blocked civilizations from the alpha and adds the new Terran Resistance Join the BetaView the Beta Guide Here  |  Full Beta ChangelogSeek out new star systems and discover the exciting potential of the subspace realm in Galactic Civilizations IV! You are the all-powerful leader of a spacefaring civilizations and will discover thousands of worlds and dozens of civilizations - both old and new - as y... [read more]

1/27/2022 By Tatiora in GalCiv IV News

The Galactic Civilizations IV BETA Guide Tour

**NEWEST WALKTHROUGH HERE**IntroductionIf you’re coming from Galactic Civilizations III, you’re in for a treat. And if you have never played a Galactic Civilizations game before, then know this: this game is specifically designed to answer to the question, “I want to play a space 4X game, what game should I start with?” Read on to learn what this game is all about, who made it, and why we made it. A little about the teamThe highest rated space strategy game of ... [read more]

1/25/2022 By Frogboy in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV Dev Journal #15 - Internal Factions

A million years ago in the 1990s when I was designing the OS/2 versions of Galactic Civilizations I gave the player sliders to adjust what they were spending their resources on.  This system lasted right on through Galactic Civilizations II for Windows. GalCiv I for Windows GalCiv II for WindowsGalCiv III v1.0 for WindowsWhile highly useful for min-maxing a relatively simple economic system, it suffered from being pretty opaque in how it worked and was pretty terrible for immersion.... [read more]

1/10/2022 By Frogboy in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV Dev Journal #14 – Pacing Comparisons

Pacing in 4X strategy games is crucial.  So I decided to look at GalCiv II, GalCiv III and the GalCiv IV alpha to take a look at how fast things move along.   Turn     GalCiv II (Twilight of the Arnor) GalCiv III (Retribution) GalCiv IV [Alpha] 1 · Researched New Propulsion Techniques [7 turns] · Planet Project: Innovation Complex [16 weeks] · Music: Haunting · Startport: Rush bought Colony ship with monthly p... [read more]

12/23/2021 By Frogboy in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV Dev Journal #13 - The Vault

The Galactic Civilizations games are known for their ship design features. But ship design occurs before the ship is made.  What about after?  Galactic Civilizations IV will be introducing a new feature for upcoming Beta version (this Winter) called “The Vault”. The Vault is a set of special items the player either produces or, more commonly scavenges across the galaxy.  Destroying the monster ships, pirates, enemy fleets, etc. will result in scavenging thing... [read more]

12/20/2021 By Frogboy in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

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