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Siege of Centauri: The Week Before Release!

Published on Friday, September 6, 2019 By DerekPaxton In Siege of Centauri Dev Journals

Siege of Centauri comes out on September 12th. It's less than a week away!

I know we have all been playing for a while, and I genuinely appreciate everyone who joined us for the beta, and especially those that provided feedback. All that goes into making sure it is the best possible game next week.

So what does the development team spend our last week doing?

You can see the full list of things we are working on for release day here:

But at this very moment I'm working on making the Plains of Fire mission less confusing.

Plains of Fire was originally inspired by a plinko machine, where you drop a ball from the top and it bounces down randomly before finally coming to rest in a slot at the bottom. Except out plinko machine was upside down. Ships entered from the top, and then took random lefts and rights, but all ended up at your Colony.

That was not fun. The whole point of a strategy game was to make interesting decisions based on information. The choice should be if you are over committing on the west path compared to the east, not wondering if the units would go to the west or east. This was hard in Plains of Fire where there was a lot of directions the enemies could take, and you really had to play a few times to figure out where they would go (which wasn't fun).

So instead I added blocking terrain in two places to make four distinct paths clear. We still have one branching path (red and blue) but it break right from the beginning. Most importantly there are a lot of interesting places to put defenses depending on what path you are more concerned about. There is a good chokepoint against orange/red and another for red/blue. You can decide to stretch your defenses to make sure the Metal Refinery or Fission Reactor is defended, or pull closer to your Colony and be able to use that tower against more threats.

I also placed two outposts to make it more interesting, some players may decide to let those go, and others may want to defend them for the score bonus. It makes for a more strategic and fun map.

Which missions do you like the best? Which would you like us to update before release?



Siege of Centauri Release Date Announced

Published on Thursday, September 5, 2019 By Tatiora In Siege of Centauri News

Stardock announced a September 12th release date for its take on the tower defense genre, Siege of Centauri, today. Set in the Ashes of the Singularity universe, the player takes on the role of defender of Earth's first colony on Proxima Centauri. 

In Siege of Centauri, players defend their colony against relentless waves of thousands of enemies. In the campaign, they will follow the story of Earth’s defenders and progress through increasingly difficult scenarios in their mission to protect the colony at all costs. Dozens of upgrades are available for the defense towers, leaving the player with important decisions regarding how best to equip their defenses on each map.

"With tens of thousands of enemy machines pouring toward your base, we wanted to give players a very new experience of what it means to defend themselves against overwhelming odds," said lead designer Derek Paxton. "In addition, we’ve incorporated several strategic elements into the genre, including defending resources and deploying rapid response teams to battle. Our goal was to provide players with difficult choices about which areas to defend and which areas to let go, leading to greater strategic depth.”

Players can also create their own missions with the Scenario Workshop, then upload them to Steam for others to try.

“It’s always been important for us here at Stardock to put customization into the hands of the players,” said Paxton. “Now, people who have always wanted to design their own tower defense games can create their own maps and missions.” Players can learn more about how to make their own scenarios with the Modder’s Guide.

Siege of Centauri is currently in early access on Steam for $14.99 and will release on September 12, 2019. For more information, visit

Get Siege of Centauri now on Steam or Stardock



AVAILABLE NOW: Villains of Star Control: Origins for Galactic Civilizations III!

Published on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 By Tatiora In GalCiv III News

Star Control: Origins villains come to Galactic Civilizations III in exciting new DLC
New Alien Civilizations bring their own ship styles, unique race traits, diplomatic quirks, AI personalities, and more!

The Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC pack introduces four major new civilizations to Galactic Civilizations III. All of the new alien factions come equipped with a unique leader, ship, music, and traits that make each civilization look and play differently from the existing major civilizations.

Play as or against the Measured, the overly bureaucratic race of sentient coral, or as the extremely polite (but surprisingly cannibalistic!) Phamysht. You can also play as the frightening race from another dimension, the Xraki, whose only desire is to destroy everything in their path, or as the immortal and genetically superior Scryve. 

Galactic Civilizations III is the most popular space-based turn based strategy of all time.  Your civilization has just achieved faster-than-light travel and the galaxy awaits you.  But you are not alone and must deal with alien civilizations through diplomacy, trade, cultural hegemony, or military conquest either against the computer or against friends online. 

In addition to the new DLC, we've released a new v3.9 update for the game that includes massively shorter late game turn times, updated balance based on feedback, AI improvements, new star base modules and lots more. The changelog at the bottom of the post has more details, so be sure to check it out!

 Villains of Star Control: Origins


Galactic Civilizations III

Also available through Stardock


Villains of Star Control:
Origins DLC

Also available through Stardock



The Measured
Do you have a form for that?

The Measured are an extremely bureaucratic race of sentient coral who once enjoyed a thriving and rich civilization before they were genetically modified by the Scryve. They now serve as the record keepers for the Scryve Empire, a role to which they are well suited.


The Phamysht
So lovely to MEAT you!

The Phamysht are a race of extremely polite cannibals who find other beings generally intolerable. The galaxy is a messy place, and they’re here to finally bring it some class and refinement, even if it does mean eating lesser races out of existence.


The Xraki

Although they are considered to be fanatical monsters by most, the Xraki weren’t always that way. They hail from another dimension and were driven mad through the evil ministrations of the Scryve Empire, who turned them into their shock troops.


The Scryve
Permission to exist: Denied!

The Scryve are a race of immortals who weren’t always the villains. Their civilization was once filled with idealism and hope, but terrible events over time slowly corrupted them and withered their empire, turning them instead to brutal violence.


Additional Features in Villains of Star Control: Origins

  • Dozens of new ship parts inspired by Star Control: Origins for building and modifying your own ships
  • Several new music tracks from Star Control: Origins
  • New faction traits
  • New ship designs, colors, and styles

Get Villains of Star Control: Origins today!

Galactic Civilizations III

Also available through Stardock


Villains of Star Control:
Origins DLC

Also available through Stardock


v3.9 Changelog


Modder Inspired Balance update 

Special thanks to Horemvore, Old Spider, and the modding community. Brad/Draginol reviewed his mods to evaluate whether some of those ideas should make them into the game. We love seeing players that are passionate about the game and it's great to see their work making the game better for everyone.

Zone of Control update

No more fog of war in your empire.  All territory in your Zone of Control now is always visible.  This helps you keep an eye on what other factions are doing in your backyard.  


We've made a substantial improvement in performance.  This boost is especially noticeable in the shipyard screen and in late-game turn times.  

Change Log


  • PlayerStartSpacingWideMod changed from 1.0 to 0.33
  • PlayerStartSpacingNarrowMod changed from 0.50 to 0.175
  • Basic Life Support range bonus increased from 0.25 to 0.30
  • Large hull ship maint increased from 3 to 5
  • Huge hull ship maint increased from 3 to 7
  • Cultural treaties now benefit both sides
  • Military Alliance treaties now benefit both sides
  • Planets rebel a bit slower than before.
  • AI values supply ships more when it's not at war.
  • Surrender change: Surrendering players now destroy their worlds upon surrendering unless they are surrendering to a particular player in which case they will transfer their homeworld (and only their homeworld) to that player. This reduces the late game sudden explosion in micro-management of worlds the player may have no interest in. AI also destroys its ships.
  • All territory in a player's ZOC is always visible. No fog of war (in your borders).
  • New starbase module: "Ascension Gate Study." Allows the player to get a lot more out of the Ascension Gates.


  • Shipyard won't rebuild the list of ships unless there's been a change to the resources the player has. This dramatically improves late-game shipyards screen performance.
  • Improved turn times, especially late game.  
  • Fixed issue where disabling a DLC via command line would not have the grayed out portraits show up.
  • Fixed some pixelation on the Campaign screen.
  • Adjusted list container on the custom faction screen to avoid clipping of the Abilities list on lower resolutions.
  • Fixed typos and grammar errors
  • Added typos and grammar errors
  • Shorten names that were too long
  • Fixed colony list in Civilization screen showing the incorrect manufacturing stat in the column labeled for social manufacturing.
  • Fixed several places in the UI that were showing incomplete or inaccurate stat breakdown tooltips for manufacturing because of missing tooltip data.
  • Got rid of leftover debug UI graphics in the Promotion Stats tooltip (seen in the commander unit promotion screen).
  • Fixed too-skinny approval field in the main map planet tooltip if the colony had 100% approval.
  • Fixed a crash whenever an AI player surrendered over their stuff to another player.
  • Changed description of Silicon-Based life to reflect that their cities were changed to use Promethion instead of Durantium.


  • Reworked the way that the "Max Manufacturing" stat is shown in the stat breakdown tooltip. It now also displays the social and military manufacturing stats and their breakdowns, including the slider values when Crusade isn't enabled.
  • In Crusade mode, "base research" or "base manufacturing" or "base income" are now displayed as Raw Production, to accurately reflect where that number is coming from (as opposed to being some calculated value from sliders and such in non-Crusade).
  • In non-Crusade mode, fixed bug in the spending breakdown at the bottom of the manufacturing, research, and income stat breakdown tooltips where it showed player-wide raw production or slider values instead of colony-specific ones.
  • Moved "Collect Gameplay Data" option to it's position to prevent the spinner option from taking its place.
  • Various flavor text changes to abilities, components, technologies, improvements to make them more clear.


  • AI values hypergates much more.
  • AI evaluates foreign influence before determining whether a planet should be colonized.

Crusade and Beyond

  • Recently conquered planets are now immune to culture flip for 15 turns.
  • Planets that have been culturally flipped have a 15 turn morale penalty.
  • Planets now receive a default planetary defense bonus and a resistance bonus.
  • Default colony ship loading population reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Population used for filling colony ships increased from a radius of 6 to 10.
  • AI ship design evaluation decreased from 20 turns to 10 turns.
  • UpgradeDiscountFactor increased from 0.5 to 0.9.
  • Bonuses to players playing at easier levels changed from a % to a flat.
  • Civilization capital sensor range increased from 12 to 16.

Intrigue Only

  • Patriot government ship loses a Railgun and a Harpoon to make it a bit less powerful.

Retribution Only

  • Echoing Heartstone Artifact power reduced from 10,000 to 1,000.
  • Tech Inflation increased from 2% to 2.5%.
  • Starting Taxation increased from 25% to 33%.
  • Galactic News earlier turn increased from turn 10 to turn 15.
  • Galactic News cooldown increased from 12 to 20 turns.
  • Colony Limit Max Penalty increased from 6 to 10.
  • Default starting money increased from 3,000 credits to 5,000 credits.


Villains of Star Control: Origins AAR - Xraki Chaos

Published on Monday, August 26, 2019 By Frogboy In GalCiv III Dev Journals


This is part 2 of a 4 part series on the villains of Star Control DLC for Galactic Civilizations III. You can see the...unpleasantness that took place in part 1 here. Mistakes were made.

In Star Control: Origins we wanted to make sure that humanity's opposition wasn't simply a set of cartoon bad guys.  Each opponent has a pretty strong motivation and a rationale...except for the Xraki.  The Xraki are insane.  They're not "evil" they were driven insane by events in the distant past and now simply destroy anything they come across.

In this game, I will play as the Xraki against the other villains and see how things work out.

It Begins

We get a pretty good starting location with a number of habitable worlds.


We soon have a couple of colonies and it is time to form a new government.


As you can see here, each species gets their own unique portraits for citizens.   They also get their own names.

War is quick

So let me be clear, playing with malevolent civilizations is rough. 


I had a colony ship on its way to a planet they wanted. So they killed it.  No warning. 


The Xraki's technology is based around control of singularities. So at the heart of their ships tends to be something freaky looking.

The Phamyst arrive at around turn 50 in this game.  So far, it's just been the Xraki vs. the Scryve. As it should be!


The war between the Scryve and the Xraki is endless skirmishing combined with subtle expansions.

However, the Xraki find one of the best locations to build a starbase that I've ever seen.


And at last at turn 57 we meet the Measured.


And here is the power rating of each civilization at this stage:


But in the background of all this, there is war.


The Scryve and the Xraki continue to hammer it out.  We are both equally matched more or less.

The Settlement

With the right payments, the Phamyst and the Measured went to war with the Scryve which resulted in a peace settlement between the Xraki and the Scryve.

This allowed a period of uninterrupted internal growth.  Through careful planning, for example, I was able to build Kimberly's Refuge in just the right spot to get a huge boost for it.


Balance of power


The Phamyst and the Measured together were still powerful enough to deal with the Scryve.  We had pulled out ahead thanks to our internal buildup. By turn 120 (and thanks to some new multithreaded techniques on AI pathfinding, the turn times are less than half as long as what they were in 3.8) there was a balance of power in the quadrant.

The problem with a balance of power is that some malevolent bastard always wants to upset it.  In this case, everyone.  By turn 140, all the powers were at war with everyone else.  The Scryve quickly took the lead with a coordinated attack / invasion right into the heart of our empire.


Scryve thrusts into my empire.

But we had not been naïve enough to think we had peace in our time.  One of our internal improvements was the research of weapons and defense technologies.


We had transports escorted by entropy class frigates which were deadly in numbers.


While a single Entropy couldn't take out a mighty Scryve battlecruiser, they could overwhelm one thanks to each Entropy having very good defenses and a sharp sting.




Many months later, the war continues with back and forth battles.   At one point, the Xraki homeworld is conquered by the Measured which has emerged as the super-power of the quadrant.


We have fallen far from our early lead.  But we aren't dead yet.


The Chaos class battlecruiser should be able to take on any single ship out there.

It would get its first test in a very important battle:



The Measured had succeeded by using the same strategy the Xraki were.  Not too many large ships but lots of deadly small ships.  However, unlike the Xraki, their ships had virtually no defensive capabilities. They were designed to be cheap and efficiently mass produced.

The Chaos class ship, however, was massively defended by barrier fields.  This would be a good test of offensive investment vs. defensive investment.


The Xraki strategy had succeeded.  Other than a tiny disintegrator class ship and a first generation Entropy, the fleet remained relatively untouched.

(Many hours later)

At turn 236 the galaxy remained on fire but we had recovered our lost territory.

Here is the status of the quadrant:


The Xraki ownership and happiness joy region has been reclaimed.

On the other hand, this region represents only a small part of this medium-sized map:


The Xraki are not close to being the most powerful.


However, we are well situated going forward as the Scryve are somewhat over extended and many of their outer colonies are pretty isolated.

Some final thoughts

Having played through the "evil" civs as someone who  usually plays as neutral or good, I will tell you that as cool as the unique abilities of each civilization are, they really don't hold a candle to the varied gameplay that you get from the combination of opponents you pick.   Playing as a malevolent civilization in a galaxy filled with malevolent civilizations changed the dynamic a great deal.  I hope if you're reading this that next time you play, try playing the opposite ideology as you usually do and put in some evil civs.

As the old saying goes: Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

Villains of Star Control: Origins AAR - The Phamyst

Published on Sunday, August 25, 2019 By Frogboy In GalCiv III Dev Journals


For this After Action Report I'm going to be playing Galactic Civilizations v3.9 with only the Heroes of Star Control civilizations. 

I'll be pointing out notable and interesting things as I go along.

The Setup

I'm going to play as the galaxy's classiest cannibals, the Phamyst.


The Phamyst have the Ravenous ability which results in them receiving food after every battle which can be used to build cities.  However, this food spoils after 25 turns so use it or lose it.

My opponents:


The Scryve,The Measured and the Xraki. 

So it begins...


The new civilizations in Villains of Star Control come from Star Control: Origins, sharp-eyed players will notice that the art style has been slightly altered to conform with the Galactic Civilizations style of a bit more realistic.

The villains of Star Control are, as you might expect, pretty malevolent.  I normally play Galactic Civilizations as a neutral or neutral-good against a mix of civilizations.  This is one of those rare times where it's going to be a bunch of evil civilizations thrown in together.


Each civilization has a very unique ship style.  The Phamyst have a very minimalistic aesthetic.


A feature definitely not talked about enough is the fact that each of the four new civilizations provides a ton of new ship parts.  And as you can see, we didn't scrimp on them.


I'm going to play the Phamyst a bit darker than I normally play.

Below you can see the unique aesthetic in action.


Phamyst battle cruiser.


First meeting with the Xraki.  If you click and zoom in, you can see the subtle art style difference between Star Control and GalCiv in action (if you look at how the Xraki are depicted in Star Control).  I.e. we didn't just port them directly from Star Control, we updated their look to match GalCiv's. Look at the veins!

This is probably even more obvious with the Scryve:


I probably should get universal translator.


Starbases (mine and the Scryve's).


What you can't hear (obviously) is that each civilization has their own music track and their dialog was written by the Star Control team.


Scryve Cruiser up close.


A fair trade scary guy.

The War of the Scryve


It was inevitable I suppose.

The Scryve and the Phamyst were neighbors and both are pretty evil. 




The Scryve have better ships but my ships are designed specifically to counter the Scryve's favored weapon type (energy beam weapons).  So it's not quite the walk over they thought.


One of the changes we've made in recent updates is to make defenses a lot more effective.  Not only are defensive values higher but they don't get reduced nearly as quickly during battle.  So defenses are a good thing to have on a ship.

Just in time for me to have researched Orbital Manufacturing which allows for the construction of much larger hulls.


The war expands

The Measured have joined the Scryve!


Unable to take on both empires at once, we are forced to grovel for an armistice with the Scryve.


Meanwhile, we had just finished the design of a new battle cruiser, the Ravager!


The Measured have conquered most of my planets but we are slowly making our way back thanks to the Patriot.  The Measured ships are very business like (see screenshot below).



The Scryve and Xraki ultimately declare war on me as well.


I learned something today.

Evil civilizations put into a shark tank is rough.

And so the Phamyst go down in flames. 

Siege of Centauri Dev Journal: What Makes A Good Tower Defense Game?

Published on Friday, August 23, 2019 By GGTheMachine In Siege of Centauri Dev Journals

We love Tower Defense games at Stardock. We’ve played our fair share, and many have served as inspiration and reference for our work on Siege of Centauri. Before I started on Siege, I went on a Tower Defense binge to analyze and understand what makes for a good Tower Defense game. Here are the pillars that I think are critical to developing a good tower defense game.

Variety of Creeps

Tower Defense is inherently a repetitive genre, and generally without much narrative punch to keep players engaged. As a result, Tower Defense games need to prioritize ensuring the game doesn’t feel repetitive. Meaningful variety of creeps is critical, not just with different stats but also qualities to make countering them require different towers or tactics. Swarm creeps should be vulnerable to splash but resistant to Cannon Towers, for example. You can think of it as designing creeps and towers in a rock/paper/scissors counter system, but with more interesting quirks mixed in such as shields or healing. Creeps can’t just be superficially different; the player needs to interact differently with them to keep them on their toes thinking about how to respond. Defaulting back to the same strategy over and over is where the feeling of repetition comes from.


Continue Reading...

Beta 3 for Siege of Centauri is now available!

Published on Thursday, August 22, 2019 By Tatiora In Siege of Centauri News

Beta 3 is now available for the massive-scale tower defense game
Newest update adds scenario workshop, endless mode, and much more

Siege of Centauri

Set in the Ashes of the Singularity universe, Siege of Centauri places the player in the role of commander of the defense of Earth's first colony on Proxima Centauri. Beta 3 adds a scenario editor where players can create and share their own missions, and a new endless mode that allows users to see how long they can last against a limitless onslaught of enemies.

“It’s always been important for us here at Stardock to put customization into the hands of the players,” said lead designer Derek Paxton. “Beta 3’s scenario workshop does exactly that: it lets people who have always wanted to design their own tower defense games create their own maps and missions.” Players can learn more about how to make their own scenarios with the Modder’s Guide.

Endless mode is a highly anticipated feature that has also made its way into the Beta 3 update. Players can attempt to survive increasingly difficult enemy waves on a few new maps that will present them with some very challenging choices.

Several new towers, enemies, and upgrades that make for deeper strategic choices are also in Beta 3. In addition, new scenarios that continue the story of the colony’s struggles are ready for players to explore.

The Early Access program is designed to allow fans to have input into game mechanics, pacing, and balance. Stardock has been releasing frequent updates based on player feedback.

“Beta updates and community feedback are a critical part of Stardock’s development process,” said Paxton. “We’ve been really happy with how the fans have helped shape this game.”

Siege of Centauri is currently in Early Access on Steam and Stardock for $9.99. The final version is expected to sell for $14.99. For more information on what’s new in Beta 3, visit the forums.

Siege of Centauri
Siege of Centauri
Siege of Centauri


Visit for more information.


New Features

  • Endless Mode- The onslaught doesn't end. See how long you can last against increasingly more difficult waves.
    • Covey- Five paths lead down from the north toward your colony. Can you defend against them all?
    • Mendel- A huge desert map gives plenty of room to build defenses. And you will need it against a wide variety of attackers.
    • Ulrath- An arctic forest with dispersed resources. It will be hard to defend your Colony, Metal Refinery and Fission reactor, hard decisions will need to be made.
  • New Campaign Missions- Follow the story of the Siege of Centauri with seven new missions.
    • Plains of Fire- This Medium sized Desert map will test your ability to withstand threats of all sorts. Air units, dreadnoughts, shielded, swarms and even units that produce aircraft as they travel.
    • Dule- This night map introduces a new enemy whose army grows as it travels. Take it out quickly, or it could be too large by the time it reaches your Colony.
    • Plutus- Your Colony is well defended here, but your resources aren't. Try to keep everything safe, which won't be easy because of a new enemy that speeds up all its allies.
    • Sord- The enemy has also deployed turrets at this location. Be careful where you use Milton and Reinforcements, if they are too close to the enemy turrets, they won't last long.
    • Caina- Spiders eggs dot this map. If the enemies reach them they will tear them open and the spiders will join the attack on your colony.
    • Styx- A new Juggernaut assaults your colony, and it produces waves of Falling Stars as it travels. Can you kill it before it reaches your colony while the stars are disabling your defenses?
    • Sedge- This time there is no Colony to protect. Instead you are building a device that will end the war. Can you complete construction and hold it for the 10 minutes it takes to activate while the enemy assault grows?

  • Download and Share Scenarios- Have you always wanted to make your own tower defense game? Create your own maps and missions, share them with the community and download scenarios the community has created. check out the Modder's Guide here:


  • New Towers- Two new towers are available to equip and upgrade.
    • Mortar- A cheap area effect tower, great for weakening swarms and softening any allies without spending much metal.
    • Nova Tower- An assault tower with long range, high damage and and area of effect. Whats the catch? It only damages shields and won't do anything to enemies without them.
  • New Enemies- Lots of new threats to test your defenses.
    • Rolling Hive- This hard to kill hive produces flying Wasps as it travels that will fly directly to your colony from wherever the Hive is.
    • Floating Factory- The enemy produces Scarabs as it travels that slowly add to its army. What starts as a single threat could be a massive swarm if it isn't taken out in time.
    • Harbinger- This flying fortress will need everything you have to take it down.
    • Taskmaster- This slowly advancing enemy will speed up all allies that come near it. From entire hoards, to dreadnoughts barreling toward your base. Be care who you allow it to get close to.
    • Nest of the Queen- A devastating production dreadnought. It can take out your Colony in seconds if it gets close. The Nest is especially difficult to beat because it sends out waves of Falling Stars to disable towers in front of it.
    • Heart of the Phoenix- The toughest and most deadly enemy so far. When this dreadnought is destroyed, it forms a sturdy egg that will birth a new Phoenix after a delay. Destroy the Egg before process can complete.
    • Vulture- A special enemy on Sedge that will take out anything in its path, including your towers.


  • New Upgrades- Lots of new upgrades to allow you to customize your towers the way you want. 
    • Nuclear EMP- Upgrades the Carpathia's standard EMP delivery system to a small nuclear payload, allowing for a much larger blast radius.
    • Ares Charge- Reduces the Energy cost of your disruption beam by 25%.
    • Defense Scrambling- For a short period, targets take an additional 20%, 30% or 40% increased damage depending on tower level.
    • Chain Lightning- Overloads an enemy, causing them to pulse with energy that will damage nearby units.
    • Colony Interface- Connect to the Colony's computer network to assist its upgrade procedure, reducing the cost of Colony upgrades by 25%.
    • Shellshock- All enemies hit have their weapon reload increased by 100%, 150% or 200% depending on tower level.
    • Field Leak- Disables the targets shield regeneration for 30 seconds.
    • Lossless Recycle- Reduces the cooldown of all orbital abilities by 25%.
    • Colony Pulse- Colony Weapons ignore shields.
    • Recharge Generator- Reduce the cooldown of Overcharge by 90%, allowing you to spam it as long as you have the energy to use it.
    • Targeting Calibrations- Updates Milton with Icarus targeting capable of engaging airborne targets.
    • Metal Replication- Allows the Carpathia to automatically generate additional metal equal to a small percentage of your existing metal stores.
    • And many more.


  • Everything has been re-balanced.
  • Really, everything? Yes.
  • What about...? Yes, that too.
  • Difficulty now modifies maximum spawn size (so you wont get as many enemies in swarms on lower difficult levels).
  • Orbital Strike no longer has a 10 second delay.
  • Reduced the time a Falling Star disables towers.
  • Towers are allowed to shoot beyond their range a bit if they have been tracking an enemy that just moved out of range (this prevents a very frustrating issue where towers would aim, then the target gets out of range, then aim, then the target gets out or range forever and never shoot).


  • You can't overcharge in the radius of an Orbital Nullifier.
  • So many performance improvements.
  • Fixed edge scroll issues that were keeping players form being able to place a tower at the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where maps with a lot of waves would overwhelm the wave panel.
  • Reinforcements are better at engaging with enemies.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Fixed lighting on Epicurus.
  • Milton's Jake Peralta module uploaded. Cool cool cool cool cool.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause negative scores.
  • Fixed an issue where your high score wouldn't be updated if you were defeated.


  • Tons of new sound effects.
  • Tons of new and improved visual effects.
  • There is now a briefing screen before every mission (v/o is coming).
  • Added tooltips to the score entries so you can see exactly how the score is calculated.
  • WASD key selection no longer disables tower hotkeys.
  • Victory screen now includes shield damage done.
  • The campaign screen now shows what difficulty level you beat each map at.
  • Added a warning if you try to start a mission with air units without an anti-air tower equipped.
  • Added a warning if you try to start a mission without any towers equipped.
  • When you select an upgrade for a tower, that tower automatically becomes equipped.
  • If you unequip a tower, all upgrades for that tower are automatically returned.
  • We now show if you have unspent upgrade points on the mission screen.
  • We change the cursor when you mouseover an Energy Cell, to indicate that it will explode if you click it.
  • Milton is now displayed with your tower damage on the Victory screen.
  • We now show new unlocks on the victory screen.
  • Updated loading tips.
  • We now display the amount of free towers you have available on the tower button, if an upgrade has given you some.
  • Updated camera to be more top down at farther zoom.
  • New icons for all towers.
  • There is now a view indicator on the minimap.

Villains of Star Control: Origins is coming to Galactic Civilizations III

Published on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 By Frogboy In GalCiv III News

Last year we released Heroes of Star Control: Origins, and it proved to be so successful that we're following it up with Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC. The DLC arrives on August 27th and comes with 4 new playable races, each with their own unique abilities, ship styles, and theme music.

The Star Control: Origins multiverse is filled with beings of all shapes and sizes.  Here is a preview of some of the darker species coming over to Galactic Civilizations III.

The Measured
The Measured are sentient coral.  They once had a rich, thriving civilization before they were modified by the Scryve (who we will discuss in a moment).  The Measured are the Bureaucrats of the Scryve sector which makes them fit in with the gameplay of Galactic Civilizations III nicely.  They not only get the Bureaucrat ability but receive a new one: Mitotic, which gives them free administrators when they colonize new worlds. 



The Phamyst
The Phamyst are the galaxy's most polite cannibals. They find other beings generally intolerable.  The galaxy is a messy place and they are just the ones to bring class and refinement to it. 



The Xraki
The Xraki are considered fanatical monsters that came from another dimension by most. But things are not quite as they seem.  The Xraki were once the shock troops of the Scryve Empire, who harvested them and modified them via the Scryve's exclusive access to the only known Origin in the galaxy (a device that allows its user to go into alternative universes). 



The Scryve
The immortal Scryve were not always villains.  The Scryve Empire was once full of idealism and hope.  Time and events slowly corrupted them.  Now, the once all-powerful Scryve Empire is slowly dying.  They have controlled our part of the galaxy for so long that few species have been left untouched by them.   The Scryve are unlike any villain from the Galactic Civilizations universe.  Where the Drengin are brutal, violent and intolerant, the Scryve are civilized, thoughtful and methodical.   The Scryve could best be described as a people who followed "the ends justify the means" one too many times.

The Scryve are masters at conquering and then holding.  Not only do they have the Conquerors ability, they also receive the new Imperial ability which gives their ships a HP bonus in their territory based on the number of colonies whose zone of control are contiguous with their home planet.




Where to get it...

Villains of Star Control: Origins will arrive for Steam, GOG, and Stardock on August 27th for $5.99.  Not only does each new species have their own unique abilities, but they come with their own ship styles, which means lots of new ship parts to play with.

Siege of Centauri Dev Journal: Strategy & Mayhem - Dichotomy of Design

Published on Friday, August 16, 2019 By GGTheMachine In Siege of Centauri Dev Journals

Strategy and mayhem are the core of what makes a tower defense fun to play. Tower defense games need to pose meaningful decisions to the player, but while also containing tension and frenzy. Siege of Centauri went through different iterations internally as we tried to find the perfect mix of strategy and mayhem. Strategy and mayhem aren't inherently at odds with each other, but inevitably will be at times. Each tower defense game has different leanings, but there's always a balance to strike and navigating that dichotomy has been a design challenge. Today I'll be sharing some of the examples where this dichotomy has come up and how we've navigated around it.

Tower Costs

Ignoring balance and difficulty for a moment, how much should towers cost? It may seem like a basic question, but it matters a lot! If towers are too cheap, then placing them can feel inconsequential and a repetitive chore. If towers are expensive, you'll naturally only have a few so as each is more of a commitment, making each one more meaningful. However, overly high tower costs mean you can spend too much time saving up and waiting rather than placing towers. You can feel more like an observer than a player, and overly expensive towers can make the rock/paper/scissors counter system too punishing. Lower tower prices also mean you have more action on the screen, which creates cool visuals! Sitting back and watching towers blow stuff up should be fun.


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