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DeskScapes Preview available

Article posted on 3/12/2008

Have Windows Vista? Feeling a little adventurous? Try DeskScapes 2.0 Preview. It's free.

Stardock is pleased to announce that the DeskScapes 2.0 preview version is now available.  DeskScapes allows users of Windows Vista to have animated wallpapers on their desktop. It runs the Stardock created .DREAM format which can contain videos as animated wallpapers or dynamically generated content.

What makes DeskScapes special is that animated wallpapers can be run that use hardly any system resources (obviously this will depend on what animated wallpaper is chosen). It integrates seamlessly with the Windows Vista desktop background dialog so picking animated wallpapers is much the same as picking any other desktop wallpaper.

The Preview build comes with 3 DREAMs:

  1. Watercolor. A dynamic dream that randomizes your desktop background.
  2. Silent Hill. A brand-new video based dream.
  3. Stardock Cube. A simple 3D cube dancing on the desktop

The goal of the preview version is to evaluate the variety of hardware configurations out there running Windows Vista in order to see how well different types of Dreams run.  The three included Dreams were especially chosen to check out 3 very different types of capabilities.

Stardock expects to release DeskScapes 2.0 later this month in time for Object Desktop 2008.

Get DeskScapes 2.0 Preview.