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SkinStudio 6 released!

Article posted on 3/19/2008

Version 6 is now available!

SkinStudio is a free skin creation applications designed to make it relatively easy to make skins for WindowBlinds. With SkinStudio, users can change virtually every aspect of the Windows XP or Windows Vista graphical user interface including title bars, push buttons, the task bar, the start menu, explorer controls, borders, scrollbars, and much more.

SkinStudio 6 is a complete rewrite of previous versions of the program. Over time, as the number of elements of Windows that could be changed increased, the older versions of SkinStudio became very complex.  SkinStudio 6 is re-designed to provide skinners a step-by-step way of creating their own Windows visual styles that, upon completion, can be applied with WindowBlinds.

SkinStudio 6 is a free program. SkinStudio Pro 6 adds an animation editor, code editor, and syncronization tools and is $19.95.

Download: SkinStudio 6


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