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WindowBlinds 6.1 Released

Article posted on 5/7/2008

Stardock is excited to announce the release of WindowBlinds 6.1 today.  WindowBlinds is the easiest, and safest way to change the complete look and feel of both Windows Vista and XP by applying one of thousands of visual styles that are available.

These visual styles can change just about every element of the Windows user interface from the Start menu, task bar, title bar, push buttons, scrollbars, and nearly everything else in Windows.

The WindowBlinds 6.1 update is available to current customers as a free update, and users can upgrade either through Stardock Central or the Impulse preview.  The WindowBlinds 6.1 release includes the following updates:

  • Several maintenance and performance tweaks.
  • Option to force start button to the middle of skins.
  • Explorer background feature.

The Explorer Background feature allows users to change the background of their explorer, along with the background color and opacity.  There are 30 different background textures to choose from, including a "no texture" option that lets you set just the color and transparency of the Explorer background.

WindowBlinds has a free download available for evaluation, and is $19.95 for the full enhanced version.  WindowBlinds is also part of the Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancements.

Link: WindowBlinds