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Fences 2.0 Arrives from Stardock: World's Most Popular Desktop Organization Tool Gets Better

Article posted on 10/9/2012

Plymouth, Michigan - OCTOBER 9, 2012 - Stardock announced the availability of Fences 2.0 today ( ), the most popular PC organization software in the world. Fences 2.0 eliminates desktop clutter with adjustable fenced areas that organizes desktop objects into logical groups for quick access.

Stardock's VP of Business Development Jamie McGuffie stated, "With this new release more than 5 million Fences users will now benefit from the ability to quickly create a portal view into all the files in a folder using an intuitively managed desktop fenced area. This enhancement extends the same organizational capabilities users have enjoyed with icons and shortcuts to folders."

Fences popularity has been driven by its capability to help users easily organize cluttered PC desktops by automatically grouping and sorting icons, shortcuts and files into managed fenced areas controlled by the user's custom settings. The new Fences 2.0 features will now keep frequently used folders visible and organized on the desktop by populating a fence with files from any folder. Customization options direct Fences to automatically place new icons in designated fenced areas. Additionally, a simple double click can hide or unhide all fence groups revealing an unobstructed view of the desktop.

Users around the world rely on Fences every day to keep their PC desktops organized for quick and easy access to their programs and files they use most.

Fences is free to use via a 30-day trial with an option to purchase for $9.99.


  • Create shaded areas called "fences" on your desktop in which you can place and organize icons.
  • NEW! Folder Portals: View and organize the contents of any folder as a fence on your desktop.
  • NEW! Desktop Pages: Multiple pages of Fences accessed via mouse swipe.
  • Double-click blank space on your desktop and all of your icons will fade out. Double-click again and they will return.
  • Define rules for where your icons are placed and how they are arranged. When a new icon gets added, from an installer for instance, it will be automatically added to your preferred "fence".
  • Customize the look and color of your fences.

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  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Stardock is one of the world's leading developers and publisher of PC games and desktop enhancement software. Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire, the highest rated and best-selling PC strategy game of 2008 as well as the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series. Its desktop software includes Start8, Object Desktop, ObjectDock, Multiplicity, WindowBlinds, DirectSkin OCX and a host of other programs for customizing the Windows experience.

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