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Stardock Announces Strategic Relationship With Oxide Games

Article posted on 10/23/2013

PLYMOUTH, MI – OCTOBER 23, 2013 – Stardock revealed today its strategic relationship with just-announced digital entertainment company Oxide Games. Oxide is currently developing a next-generation engine for PC and console strategy games named Nitrous, and will announce its upcoming game titles at a later date.

Oxide’s Nitrous engine uses fully concurrent processing and a strictly 64-bit architecture to render scenes beyond anything possible with current technology. The engine’s ability to display vastly more objects and variety onscreen is a natural fit for strategy games.

“We see incredible potential in Oxide Games,” said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. “Not only is Nitrous an amazing piece of technology that will push the strategy genre forward, but the talent at the studio is incredible. These guys have made some of the best strategy games in the world, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.”

Oxide Games is an independent company based in Timonium, Maryland. Stardock is investing seed capital in the studio through the Stardock Strategic Investment Fund.

“Stardock’s ideas about the future of strategy games mesh with ours and make them an ideal partner,” said Oxide Games co-founder Dan Baker. “Both companies are invested in keeping the genre healthy and vibrant over the long-term, and Nitrous gives us a solid foundation to build our dream games on.”

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