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Start10 v1.95 Released

Article posted on 8/19/2020

What's New in v1.95:

  • Some UI changes to account for Stardock Curtains
  • Addresses missing control panel search entries on Windows build 2004
  • Fix to avoid crash issue with newer Curtains builds
  • Tweaks how blur is handled on the menu in an effort to address a mixed dpi setup issue
  • Tweak for the replace Start10 search with Cortana option to reduce the instances of lost/mis-ordered first char in the search

Obtaining v1.95:
Individual purchasers (as well as Object Desktop Members) can get the update from your an account page:

For guest check-out purchasers (no account), from this link:

The in-app check will also eventually alert that there is an update.

Reporting an issue:
Please include the following for anything found:

  • Exact Windows version \ build (winver.exe)
  • Detailed steps to recreate the issue seen
  • Screenshots and videos are very helpful.  Videos can be uploaded to a cloud drive services (GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive, YouTube) and links included in your post.  Images can be directly added.
  • If there are specific apps that Start10 does not work (well) with, please note what apps and their exact versions.  If any app is not common, a link to a trial version would be appreciated.