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Groupy v1.45 Releases Beta

Article posted on 11/17/2020

Changelog for 1.45

  • Fixed working directory on saved groups
  • Fixed issue with white title bars when color applied to title bars in Win10 causing white menus and non obvious active tabs in combine mode
  • Fixed issue with UWP apps sometimes not joining a group
  • Groups locked status is now saved in Groupy files
  • Renamed tabs are now saved in the Groupy file
  • Rename tab / save group now takes escape = cancel and enter = save to make using with keyboard easier
  • Default to selecting all text when renaming a tab to make life easier
  • When re-saving a previously saved (and executed) Groupy file, the name is now offered by default to save time
  • Fixed issue with auto-grouping an application when the same application had been launched for a specific group within the past 2 minutes as well.
  • Fixed potential issue with rules for a window no longer being applied after a set time period


Check out the community feedback thread here.